New KICKSTARTER Campaign Launched For AMADAS Smart Lock

Every time you turn around there is a new Smart lock unveiling. While, these new inventions are great for the home automation industry, it opens up doors of opportunities for consumers. When the first Smart lock was released, the price tag was out of reach for many income classes. Today, there are a variety of brands, with varying price tags, so consumers in every economic class can access them.


AMADAS Smart Lock


Many Smart locks get their start from crowdfunding pledges. Almost every week, there is a new KICKSTARTER or Indiegogo campaign launched by individuals or groups. While, most of these campaigns are successful, there is always one or two that falls through the crack. A team of professionals from Korea has decided to take their Smart lock idea to KICKSTARTER. The AMADAS Smart lock campaign was launched August 2016, but the team has been working on their idea since 2014.

What sets the AMADAS Smart lock apart from other brands is its unique design. Unlike the August and Kevo Smart lock, which has a circular design, the AMADAS is a lever lock. The design consists of an exterior and interior right or left-handed lever. It is constructed of stainless steel material, with an anti-smudge silver or gold finish to keep it looking beautiful for longer. The waterproof design will prevent humidity from damaging the electronic components.

This is a battery-operated lock, but to keep the functionality costs at a minimum, the team decided to power it with 2 AA batteries. When the batteries need replaced all you need to do is detach the battery case, which is embedded into the lever. The battery lifespan is around 12 months, but to ensure access, the team decided to embed an emergency-recharging feature into the design. The solar panel located in the tip of the exterior level acts as an emergency access. Just shine your flashlight on the solar panel for 20 seconds to recharge the battery.

AMADAS is embedded with a Bluetooth 4.1 chip, so it will support Android and iOS mobile devices. Once the associated app is downloaded to your smartphone, you will be able to monitor every visitor that enters and exits your home, with notifications. You can also create PIN codes to share with your friends and family. The PIN can be inputted into the lock, utilizing the push button keys located on of the exterior panel. AMADAS will automatically lock 5 seconds after the door is closed. If you have your app-enabled device on your persons, when you enter the Bluetooth range (1meter), just simply swipe the face of the keys with your finger to activate the auto-unlocking mechanism.

When comparing AMADAS to August and Schlage Connect, there are lots of similarities and several variances. One drawback to the AMADAS Smart lock is there is no mention of remote unlocking from your app-enabled device. Almost $36,000 has been pledged to this campaign and if you are interested in contributing, you can visit the AMADAS KICKSTARTER landing page. Early bird specials are available right now and the estimated delivery date is March 2017.

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