Ola Smart Lock Releasing In March 2016

Ola is comprised of a group of hopeful entrepreneurs  that took their idea to Kickstarters, where they launched a project campaign to raise $25,000. With 363 backers contributing a total of $131,126, the Ola team was inspired enough to make their dream a reality. While this is a work in progress, the Ola Fingerprint Smart Lock is expected to be delivered by March 2016.

Ola’s idea was to develop a Smart Lock that was capable of unlocking an entrance door in less than one second. While this has never been done before, the team set forth to comprise two very important features together to make this happen. With Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and fingerprint FPC1020Am sensor technology, every homeowner would be able to unlock their door in less than one second, without the need for a mechanical or electronic key.

You would no longer need to utilize an iPhone, keypad, or mechanical key to gain access to your home. Instead, you will simply register your personal fingerprint, by utilizing the lock’s fingerprint sensor located on the door handle. Every time you need to enter your home, you will just place your finger gently overtop of the sensor and wait for it to scan your print.

The backup battery power supply will come in handy during power outages, since the Ola lock will still be functional. The Panasonic Evolta batteries will offer 7 years of run time, before needing replaced. The external micro USB port can be used for powering the Ola Smart Lock, by connecting to the built-in power compartment.

Ola Smart Lock

Ola is also equipped with a Bluetooth chip, which will offer a different type of home access. You can activate and deactivate electronic keys for your family members and friends. You will simply need to download the Ola App to your source device (iOS or Android) and complete the initial setup process.

This is an external lock that will withstand temperatures ranging from -40-85 degrees Celsius. It is also water resistant and guaranteed to offer 10 million or more uses, without wearing or breaking down. The installation process is very simple and you will receive a free installation kit and guide with your purchase.

The Ola Smart Lock is capable of storing 1,700 fingerprints, which is extraordinary. When you are ready to go shopping for a Smart Lock, be sure to keep Ola on your list of prospects, because its intuitive technology cannot be denied.