Osram Car Lighting Technologies Will Improve Road Safety For All Drivers On The Road

Osram, the leading provider of automotive lighting, unveiled its new Smart Automotive Technologies at CES 2017. The company is excited about its latest high-tech automotive applications, which are designed to enhance road safety. Drivers will have a wide range of stylish and smart design options to choose from, so they can soup up their ride as they see fit.


Osram LIDAR Technology


According to CEO of Osram, Olaf Berlien, laser-based car lighting is more vivid and brighter than contemporary car lighting. It will also enable a doubled high-beam range that will be a full, glare-free beam. This design will not only enhance road safety for the driver, but also all drivers on the road.

Nighttime travel fatality rate is 4x higher than that of daytime travel. Modern cars comprise around 200 light sources for invisible light for proximity detection, surroundings analysis and driver monitoring.

Osram’s multi-channel laser light source makes it possible for vehicles to generate a precise three-dimensional image of the surrounding area. This data is utilized to start the appropriate driving maneuvers. The precise evaluation of the area surrounding the vehicle is critical for safe autonomous driving.

Headlights utilizing laser technology is the next step in automotive lighting. With the lasers’ high-luminance, which is 5x higher than most notable available light sources, the headlights will actually double the best high beam range that was previously available. The high beam range will increase from 300 to 600 meters.

BMW is already using Osram’s energy efficient laser lighting in its serial car production, including the BMW 7 and BMW i8, as well as the Audi R8 and R8 LMX. So far, the laser lighting, with the most compact technology components, has proven to be very effective in improving road safety.

Osram established partnerships with several companies to develop a tiny LED matrix chip, which is comprised of over 1,000 individually controllable pixels. A headlight embedded with these LED chips will allow driving with a full, glare-free beam. The vehicle will be installed with a camera that is capable of recognizing pedestrian traffic and oncoming vehicles. The high-resolution LED chips will automatically dim to protect the driver in the oncoming vehicle from the light beam. Osram plans to bring this technology to the commercial market by 2020.

To learn more about Osram’s car lighting technologies, be sure to visit the company’s official website.