Padio Systems Prepares To Launch The Smart Padiolok Latch

Padio Systems, Inc. is virtually a new technology company that is preparing to launch their new Smart Padiolok Latch, which is designed for sliding patio doors. Not only does this latch offer heightened security, but it also offers two-way keyless access. This should be exciting news for homeowners that have sliding patio doors and Smart Lock enabled entry doors. Why not turn your entire home into a Smart Home environment? Well, now you can with this innovative latch, which was rewarded with the Z-Wave Alliance IoT award.

The Padiolok Latch is suitable for residential and commercial businesses such as hotels. It will be equipped with the Z-Wave technology, so the homeowner will be able to remotely control the latch from a remote, iOS or Android device. You will also have the option of sending permanent, temporary, and scheduled electronic key codes to family, friends, and the any service provider.

Z-Wave technology is now found in over 1,400 Smart Home devices around the globe  and services over 325 companies. This is extraordinary success, but the Z-Wave Alliance does not plan on stopping here. Their goal is to reach out to more industries in hopes to extend their Z-Wave platform further into the home, commercial, healthcare, energy, and automotive world.

This press release and intuitive data was announced October 28, 2015, by MarketWatch. Everyone will have to sit back and wait for more information to appear about the Padio Systems, Inc. and their Smart Padiolok Latch.

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