Pet Owners May One Day Be Able To Predict Their Best Friend’s mood, With Smart Technology

Surely, by now you have heard of the innovative Smart Technology. This technology has been used in a wide range of mobile devices, appliances, locks, thermostats, and lighting fixtures. There is no end to its capabilities, especially when it is placed in the hands of engineers and developers. The Smart Technology future is unknown, but one thing is for sure, it continues to pop up everywhere.


Inupathy Smart Mood Collar

Inupathy Smart Mood Collar

Monitoring an animal’s behavior can be entertaining, but have you ever wondered what your pet was thinking at specific times? Every owner would love to have the opportunity to detect his or her pet’s mood. Well, now they can, with the Smart Technology Inupathy Mood Collar. This device is similar to the vintage mood ring, which displayed specific colors for different moods. Breaking the word Inupathy down, so you can better understand its meaning, “inu” means dog in Japanese.

The device is actually not a collar at all. In fact, it is a harness, with an LED. It fits over the animal’s front legs and rests on top of the upper back. The LED displays a series of glowing colors, indicating different moods. The brain behind the Inupathy Collar is Joji Yamaguchi, a Japanese biologist, takes pride in his invention and says that it can allow owners and their pets to connect in a very unique manner.

Just the idea of being able to understand your pet’s emotions would be worth millions. Not only would pet owners have the ability to decipher their pet’s moods, but they would also be able to tend to their needs more efficiently. The hidden secret behind the Inupathy is a small sensor that is embedded into the chest belt. The sensor is capable of monitoring heart rhythms. An algorithm is programmed to establish the mood:

  • Red – anxious
  • Blue – relaxed
  • White – focused
  • Rainbow – happy

The collar’s great attribute is the Bluetooth module, which acts as a communication gateway from the collar to your smartphone. The mobile app is embedded with various features that enhance Inupathy’s functionality. This technology allows owners to monitor their pet’s mood from afar. It is genuinely too difficult to understand the scientific development behind the Inupathy Smart Mood Collar. However, this isn’t necessary to enjoy its many benefits.

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