Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Nobody wants his or her email address, IP or other personal information strewn throughout the Internet for all to see. Here at, we’re no different. We expect all other websites to adhere to the strictest procedures to protect our privacy. We intend to do the same for our users. Below, you will find our personal privacy policy.



Our website does utilize cookies. These cookies are used only for the specific reasons below.

  • To maintain visitor preferences
  • To provide the user with more relevant content
  • To track user behavior, so our website’s usability and performance can be enhanced
  • For the participation of advertising programs, which help to maintain this website.


Email Addresses

When signing up for our newsletter, posting a comment or sending us an email, your email address will automatically be logged into our system. Occasionally, the name and any other details you provided will also be stored. This information will never be sold or traded. However, we may use your email address to send you updates, offers and other information, which we believe will benefit you. If you desire to browse our website anonymously, you can feel free to do so.


Log Files and 3rd party applications, such as Google Analytics, which are utilized on this website, may capture and store log files. These files may maintain user IP address, web browser specifications, Internet service provider, date of access, and information detailing your behavior on our site. Rest assured that this information is only used for the betterment of our site.

  • To improve the functionality and performance of
  • Improvement of communication
  • Betterment of usability, functionality and performance
  • To deliver more relevant and higher quality content


Affiliate Disclosure

Here at, we do engaged in the Amazon Services LLC Associated Program. This is an affiliate advertising program, which allows our site to earn advertising fees, so we can remain up and running. Unfortunately, our staff has no control over the cookies that are utilized by 3rd party advertises, including Amazon. If more information is needed, we recommend contacting Amazon directly or visiting their privacy policies page to learn more.


3rd Party Links

Please note that may link to other 3rd party website. We have no control over these websites or their privacy policies. Contacting these websites respectively and exploring their policies is highly recommended.