Research Shows Comfort And Safety Is Driving The Smart Home Market

Smart Technologies is integrated into a long list of products, including appliances, scooters, streetlights, automobiles, door locks and ceiling lights. There is no end to the possibilities of this technology, manufacturers are competing to see who will be the next to discover a new innovate network-connected device.


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Scripps Networks Interactive

According to a report released by Scripps Networks Interactive, a Tennessee-based developer of lifestyle-content for Internet and television, homeowners invest in Smart Home products, because of its guarantee to provide an immense amount of safety and comfort. The company’s Under One Roof consumer panel partnered with multiple organizations, including National Kitchen and Bath Association, Consumer Technology Association, CEDIA, Shelly Palmer Strategic Advisors and National Association of Home Builders, to conduct the study, with 700 participants. The findings will be presented at the CES® 2017, scheduled for January 5-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Design and Construction Week 2017, scheduled for January 10-12 in Orlando, Florida.


Research Findings

The research findings showed that homeowners were not interested in investing in interconnected devices, just to keep up with the Joneses. Instead they were more interested in the amenities of safety and comfort. Only 18 percent of participants attributed their purchases to the desire to meet others’ expectation.

Almost 68 percent of participants were driven by energy efficiency, along with enhancing the resale value of their home and to complying with the social pressures to being environmental friendly.

Millennial were interested in making their home convenient for daily tasks, while Generations Xers wanted a healthy environment to live in. Baby boomers were more interested in adding value to their home.

Respondents also chose the kitchen as the most popular spot to add Smart-connected devices, with the Smart refrigerator, voice-activated wireless speaker, motion sensor lighting and other types of app-enabled appliances listed as top options. The Generation Xers led the kitchen-friendly group at 28 percent, followed by the Millennial at 27 percent and Baby Boomers at 23 percent.

The front door came in second as the most desired place to add technology and then the living room.

Only 11 percent of participants have solid plans to invest in light automation and energy monitoring technology in the future. However, 44 percent of participants listed the tools as something they would like to invest in at a later date. Surveillance equipment and the doorbell camera also topped the wish list. A third or more of the respondents also listed security systems and motion lights, along with HVAC and audio automation. Professional installation and education was also very important to the homeowners, as well as trial periods and product demonstrations.

Eighty-five percent of Millennial said they would likely install Smart Home devices in their home, over 50 percent within the next year. The Generation Xers followed the Millennial at 73 percent, 38 percent within the next year. Baby Boomers came in next at 67 percent, 28 percent within the next year.

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