Schlage Unveils Amazon Alexa Integration

Schlage, a leading provider of deadbolts and Smart Locks, announced a partnership with Amazon to provide customers with voice-automated capabilities. The Alexa integration will allow customers to utilize Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Tap to control their Connect Smart Lock.

Over the past few years, Schlage has been working diligently to make its Smart Locks lineup more compatible with Smart Homes. The company already partners with Z-Wave to enhance the functionality its connected locks and to provide consumers with more compatibility options.


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The Schlage Connect Smart Lock is very versatile, with auto-lock, e-key sharing, LED backlit touchscreen and remote access.

“Smart home technology is all about incrementalism, whether it’s consumer adoption or brands integrating with mega-technology platforms,” said vice president of strategy and partnerships at Schlage, Rob Martens. “Schlage is committed to providing the ultimate security and convenience and we are proud to now integrate with Alexa to provide consumers with added convenience through Alexa-enabled devices.”

Amazon is leading the Smart Home market with an estimated 6 million Echo devices sold by the end of 2016. Alexa has over 10,000 skills, making it the developer’s playground.

To learn more about the Schlage Connect Smart Lock, please click on the following Amazon link.