Should New York Police Department Add Smart Guns To Their List Of Approved Firearms

Cities like Chicago and Baltimore are struggling to gain control of gun violence. Baltimore nears 300 homicides and Chicago has topped 700 homicides this year, with no end in sight to the violence. Many analysts blame the high homicide rates on illegal gun sales, while others believe that illegal drug sales also play into the equation. The backlash of police brutality has pushed law enforcement into a corner, leaving citizens to fend for themselves.


Smart Gun Technology

Smart Guns

Trying to keep guns out of the wrong hands is nearly impossible, but it is a possibility with Smart Guns. These types of firearms are not new, but they aren’t popular among gun advocates or police officers. Smart guns could potentially curtail gun violence, accidental shootings, especially in children, and reduce the resale of stolen guns.

Smart guns are integrated with a RFID fingerprint sensor, preventing unauthorized users from using the weapon. The Justice Department recently issued official guidelines for gun manufactures to create a Smart gun that could meet the demanding needs of law enforcement (source: New York Times). Many anti-gun activists believe that New York could possibly set the stage for Smart guns in the American police force.


Smart Gun Backlash

Just one example to show how well gun advocates took to the Smart gun was when co-owner of Engage Armament, a Maryland Class III dealer, Andy Raymond, announced that he would be willing to sell a Smart pistol manufactured in Germany. This was back in 2014 and no one has been brave enough to attempt it again. Raymond said that he was thinking of the fence sitters or people who really never wanted to invest in a gun, but felt that they needed one for protection.

Engage Armament received over 4,000 complaints in the mixture of emails and telephone calls. Several complaints consisted of death threats and threats to burn down his gun shop. Raymond could not understand the response, since NRA and gun enthusiasts are pro-gun. The missing piece of the puzzle is the fact that anti-gun activists have pushed politicians to extend regulations on gun sales, in attempt to keep them out of the wrong hands.

The NRA does not necessarily oppose the Smart gun, but they are concerned that anti-gun legislators at the federal and state level will try to mandate it in all future guns.