Silicon Labs Launch Two Smart Home Reference Designs For Developers To Speed Up Integration And Development Processes

Silicon Labs, a company that provides developers with technologies, software and solutions, launched two wireless reference designs, a Smart outlet and occupancy sensor. The reference designs have already been put through official UL and FCC certification testing processes to speed up the integration time. They include all of the firmware, software and hardware tools required to create future-proofed network-connected products based on Silicon Labs’ robust ZigBee® “Golden Unit” Home Automation (HA 1.2) software stack and multi-protocol wireless Gecko system-on-chip (SoC) portfolio (source: Business Wire).


Silicon Labs Smart Home Reference Designs


Silicon Labs’ reference designs will put Smart Home device makers a step ahead in the process, reducing complexity and system cost. Senior Vice President and General Manager of Silicon Labs, Danie Cooley, states that Internet-connected devices must be standards-based, user friendly and cost effective to survive the real-work environment. It is also crucial for all users to be able to solve specific issues with minimal difficulty.

The pre-certified occupancy sensor reference design features a passive-infrared sensor, temperature/relative humidity sensor and ambient light. The sensor relies on two AAA batteries for power, offering a run time up to 5-years. The sensor is capable of detecting occupancy up to 12 meters, automatically making temperature adjustments and switching lights on/off accordingly.

The pre-certified outlet reference design is capable of supporting small appliances, electronic devices and other small electrical home products. The Smart outlet design is integrated with temperature/humidity and light sensors and will communicate with other ZigBee enabled devices.

Both reference designs include complete layout, bill of materials and schematics. The Silicon Labs’ occupancy sensor is priced at $49 and the Smart outlet is priced at $119. For more information, please visit the company’s official website.