Smart Home Devices Are The Perfect Gift For A Couch Potato

Smart-connected devices are blowing up the market, because they offer innumerable benefits. For instance, a Smart remote control can be used to activate an electric outlet, switching the connected appliance or device on/off, from across the room. More and more consumers are filling their home with Smart Home appliances, electronics, lighting fixtures and other home accessories. All the while, the universal remote continues to get smarter and more powerful.


Samsung Smart TV

Voice and Gesture Recognition Technologies are having a huge impact on the Smart Home market, because they offer unique control solutions, eliminating the need for a cumbersome iPad, smartphone or tablet.

Mood lighting is another fantastical creation, because it allows users to sync their Philips Hue Smart LEDs to their favorite tunes. By accessing the associated app user interface, you can create a unique color scheme that will provide a great ambient backdrop for the moment.

With this said, we don’t want to forget the Smart speaker. The Amazon Echo and Google Home are two of the most popular Smart speakers on the market. Both of these devices can be activated with your voice, thanks to the most intelligent voice-automated personal assistants, Alexa and Siri. Both of these futuristic, but very practical speakers support an array of Smart Home products.

Smart Locks, thermostats, pet cameras, doorbells and appliances are also turning heads. Smartphones, PCs and tablets can remotely control all of these devices, so you never need to leave your comfortable spot on the sofa. Another keynote to remember is you can remotely control most of these devices from virtually anywhere in the world, using an app-enabled device.

If you have a couch potato in your family and you are tired of being at their beck and call, be sure to put a Smart Home device in their stocking this Christmas.

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