Smart Rubbish Bins Are Arriving In New Zealand

While developers are busy building Smart Cities in the United States, councils throughout New Zealand are installing Smart rubbish bins in their communities. The Smart rubbish bin, Clean Cube Bins, utilize cloud-based technology and GPS to monitor trash collection and find the actual location of the unit.


Smart Rubbish Bins Are Being Used Throughout New Zealand


Clean Cube Bins powered by solar energy to decrease operational costs and the need to charge or replace dead batteries. The bins are capable of holding eight times more rubbish than the traditional public trashcans.


New Zealand’s development agency responsible for Wynyard Quarter, Panuku Development Auckland, has been tracking one of the Clean Cube Bins, since early 2015, located on the Westhaven Marina promenade.

Urban Effect, based out of New Zealand, distributes the Clean Cube. A worker for Urban Effect says the bins provide Smart waste management to councils.

The bins feature a powerful compression system, which is activated when the embedded device, referred to as a Clean Cap, detect the bin is full. A driver compresses the rubbish together to make room for more rubbish. When the embedded Clean Cap detects the bin is completely full, a notification will be transmitted to the council, letting them know that it needs emptied. This feature alone will eliminate the need to empty the rubbish bin until it is completely full, reducing operational costs significantly over time.

The GPS tracker will help the contractor to locate the bin with ease. New Zealand councils are leasing and trailing the Clean Cube Bins as part of a pilot program. At the end of the trial period, councils will determine whether or not to make the Smart rubbish bin part of a long-term solution for handling waste in New Zealand.

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