Smart Technology Makes Its Way To Malibu Beach

Home Automation devices can now be found in millions of homes worldwide. Smart Technology is being integrated into appliances, electronics, toys, home improvement products, and security systems. Smart Technology is a basically a gateway between these devices and the Internet. It not only allows the device to connect to the Internet, but it also allows the device to communicate with other wireless gadgets.


Malibu Beach Inn

Consumers have become so intrigued with Smart devices that they are doing deep research in every brand that rolls onto the market. This is great news for companies that produce consumer Smart Technology gizmos, but it is a great opportunity for consumers to discover exactly what they are capable of. The lock, thermostat, hub, doorbell, and baby monitor are among the most popular Smart devices. There is still so much to learn about Smart Technology, but consumers will need to wait patiently to see what these companies come up with next.

Homeowners have definitely seen success with their Smart locks, especially the Schlage Connect and August brands. Luckily for tourists that are planning to visit the fabulous Malibu Beach in the near future, they will get an up close and personal Smart Technology experience. Of course, they will need to book their accommodations at the Malibu Beach Inn in order to enjoy this experience. The inn is conveniently located in close proximity of the Billionaire’s Beach and owned by Mani Brothers.

To offer convenience to all guests, each room was embedded with a Smart lock. No longer will guests need to retrieve their room key from the receptionist. Instead, they can download the associated OpenKey app to their mobile device, create an account, and retrieve their electronic key code. Once the guest arrives to their room, they can input the electronic key code into the door lock keypad.

The door will automatically lock every time the guest exists, so they will need to reenter the code every time, before accessing their room. When you find yourself in need of a little excitement, be sure to check into the Malibu Beach Inn, where you can capture a lifetime of memories and sample a little bit of Smart Technology.

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