SmartBin Releasing Remote Waste Monitoring Sensors For Smart Recycling

Just today, SmartBin announced that they are planning on releasing their new intelligent Remote Waste Monitoring Sensors. These sensors were designed for use in metro areas, in conjunction with the Internet. This new product is expected to raise the standard for smart recycling.

This new series was designed for city applications that are above and underground. They can be used to monitor general waste, recycling, waste oil, yellow greases, clothing, and even organic waste.

smartbin waste monitoring sensor

The sensors will feature a newly designed battery that a lifespan of 10 years and comes at a much cheaper cost than most sensors with these capabilities. This new product is without a doubt the best solution to waste management.

The sensor will be available in two different styles. The infrared version of this sensor will keep track of the top level of a waste bin, and alert a homeowner when it needs to be emptied. However, the ultrasonic version of this sensor will be used to monitors liquids only.

On top of all of this, the sensors can relay and send information over the Internet, which will alert collection agencies when waste needs to be collected. The sensors can also send collected data about the waste that is to be collected. This should be a much more efficient and accurate way to track waste and recycling operations.

The OnePlus Corporation recently acquired the SmartBin brand. OnePlus Corporation is a leading provider in automated waste monitoring solutions. When you put this company with this type of product you are going to have one effective product that will only grow.