Sony Corporation Presents The Qrio Smart Lock U.S. Version

When the first Smart Lock hit the market, it took the world my storm. Today, millions of homes are protected by Smart Locks, with embedded motion-sensor HD cameras. These devices are extraordinary, because they provide homeowners, rental agencies, motel management, and business owners with convenient access to their establishments. Many Smart Lock brands got their start on crowdfunding websites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, while others sprung up from established lock companies.


Qrio Smart Lock U.S. Version

Qrio Smart Lock

The Sony Corporation has joined forces with Wil, LLC to debut the Qrio Smart Lock in the U.S. market. Sony is the brain behind the lock, which should tell consumers about its Japanese craftsmanship. The Qrio Smart Lock stands apart from other brands, because of its unique design and straightforward installation process. To add more security to your home, the lock is embedded with an auto locking/unlocking mechanism. Once the app-enabled device exits the wireless range, the mechanism will engage within 10 to 60 seconds.

The Qrio app is embedded with various features that enhance the lock’s functionality. By accessing the app user interface, you can create scheduled times for the Qrio to lock and unlock, add new user privileges, and check your home’s access history. The lock supports the Apple Smart Watch and Sony SmartWatch3. However, the smart watch must be compatible with your smartphone in order to function with the Qrio Smart Lock.

Qrio operates on battery power, utilizing two CR123A batteries that offer a runtime of 300 days. If you want to extend this, you can easily add two more batteries, increasing the runtime to 600 days (based on an average use of 10 times daily). The manual key can be utilized as an emergency backup resource, when the batteries fail. The Qrio app will sync multiple locks for added convenience. To gain remote access, the Qrio Hub is required and available as a package deal or a separate device.

If you are interested in the intuitive Qrio Smart Lock, be sure to visit the associated Indigeogo campaign page. The lock is only available in Japan and the U.S., but Sony hopes to expand into other markets in the near future. Units will be shipped beginning February 2017, so be sure to check out the early bird specials, so you will be on the receiving end of a fantastic deal.

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