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Sciener Unveils Its Smart Digital Door Lock

Sciener, a technology company, in partnership with Accelvo Pvt Ltd creates a Smart digital door lock that will offer convenience and a high level of security. The lock was designed for Airbnb and Homestay hosts, so they can manage their properties from afar.

The new Sciener Smart Digital Lock s201 synchronizes with smartphones and tablets regardless of location. With this lock, Airbnb hosts will be able to provide guests with a more convenient home entry experience. The lock replaces mechanical keys with a smartphone and unique electronic code. Hosts will be able to manage access for guests and monitor access history from anywhere.


Sciener Smart Lock s201

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Airbnb Establishes Partnership With Vivint To Enhance Guest And Host Experience

Airbnb, an online marketplace for short-term lodging, and Vivint Smart Home, a provider of Smart Home services, establishes a partnership to provide Airbnb guests and hosts with a comprehensive Smart Home experience. The Airbnb marketplace connects consumers with unique accommodations in over 191 countries and 34,000 cities. The Vivint Home app will allow hosts to manage their properties remotely, with energy management, home security and keyless access.


Nest Smart Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

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New Smart Lock Solution For Australian, Korean, and Japanese Motel Chains And Short-Term Rental Hosts

Smart Locks have taken the world by storm, especially among consumers that own their own home. These devices have gradually made their way into the commercial world, because they offer convenient, secure, and reliable entry options. Millions of homeowners and small rental properties companies have already joined the Airbnb marketplace, with many more expected to follow. Many of these individuals may not live in the same state, country, or providence as their residential and rental property, but they still want to rent out their properties on a short-term basis.

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