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A New KICKSTARTER Campaign Unveils The Smartest Backpack

Do you find yourself toting around a backpack more than a briefcase or purse? All traditional backpacks are very insecure, so anyone can walk up to them and snatch the contents hidden inside. All of this can be done without getting caught, which gives more reason to invest in the A.B.C. Backpack. This backpack is embedded with a very intelligent lock. The lock is integrated with Smart Technology, so users can lock/unlock, monitor, and manage it right from their smartphone.


A.B.C. Kickstarter Smart Backpack

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BMW Unveils Plans To Integrate Alexa Into Their New BMW Connected App

BMW rolled out their new BMW connected app in April. However, the app had its limitations, first of all it only supported vehicles manufactured from January 2016. This would mean that only a limited number of BMW drivers would have access to ConnectedDrive Services, a portal where customers can create accounts in order to access and manage their personal data, real-time traffic reports, and book concierge services.


Amazon Smart Speaker Echo

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Apple Taking Over HomeKit Devices

By now, everyone is familiar with Smart Home Technology, which makes it easier to control your home’s electronics and appliances from anywhere around the world? Well, Apple just unveiled their new app called “Home”. This app will allow users to control all their Home Automated devices via their iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV. The app will also work in conjunction with Siri, which will allow users to control their devices with audible commands.

Along with all of this, Home will also be compatible with Apple Watches, so that users can control all their Smart Home devices right from their wrist. It was just two years ago, when Apple released their HomeKit Technology and now they are innovating the market again with this new app.

The Home app will allow users to group multiple devices together, so they can be controlled simultaneously, by creating custom “scenes”. For instance, you can create a featured scene titled “Good Night” that will switch all of your lights off and close the shades simultaneously. Users will also be able to control their devices individually, by accessing the “Favorite Accessories” located within the app’s interface.

Apple is known for the restrictive measures that they often take, when it comes to allowing Smart Home companies to install the HomeKit chip into their devices, leaving them with no alternative, but to make reengineering alterations to their hardware. As everyone already knows, Google has the Nest and Amazon has Echo, which is currently compatible with multiple third-party devices. Amazon basically bypassed Apple and developed their voice-automated virtual assistant, Alexa.

With Home, users will be able to access the live stream feed from their Smart locks, doorbells, and wireless security cameras right from their iPhone lock screen. This feature will definitely offer a lot of convenience, since there will be no need to access the app’s interface.

As you can imagine this is truly a unique app that will give you complete control over your Smart Home devices. Home is coming to iOS 10 and will not be available until next autumn, so everyone will have to sit and wait to see its true innovation.

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