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Exploring The Differences And Similarities In The Schlage Connect And Schlage Sense Smart Locks

If you are reading this article, you have already invested in a Smart Lock or considering investing. Whatever the case may be, you probably have heard of the Schlage brand, a top lock manufacturer. Many people are under the impression that the Schlage Sense Smart Lock is the same as the Schlage Connect Smart Lock. Well, this is a huge misconception, because each lock has its own unique features and capabilities, with a few similarities.



As mentioned above, the Schlage Connect and Sense do share some similarities including:


  • Access sharing
  • Push notifications
  • Battery powered operation
  • Backlit touchscreen
  • ANSI Grade 1 security
  • Mechanical keyhole access

The locks are also similar in design and two styles available, Century and Camelot.


Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Shlage Sense Bluetooth Deadbolt

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Microsoft Invites App Developers To Utilize Its Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever asked Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa a question, only to receive a confusing answer? This is only normal, since the two voice assistants’ capabilities are still extremely limited.

Microsoft may just have come up with a way to improve its artificial intelligence. The company thinks if it can encourage more and more app developers to utilize its technology it will become smarter over time. This may be possible, since the software giant’s artificial intelligent software can learn and adapt in the most sophisticated ways.


Microsoft Cortana With Voice Assistant

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Control Your Yale Real Living Assure Locks With Voice Commands Thanks To A Seperate Apple MFI Chip

Yale, a leading provider of a wide range of door locks and padlocks, has a decent Smart Lock line up, including the Yale NexTouch and Yale Real Living Assure. The company announced earlier this month the HomeKit integration, which allows Yale customers to control their Smart Locks, with voice commands via Siri.


Yale Real Living Assure Bluetooth Lock
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