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Great News For Consumers, Who Have Invested In Smart Door Locks And Amazon Alexa

Amazon worked diligently to rollout one of the best Smart Home devices of all time. On top of this, Jeff Bezos and his dynamic team has implemented the Amazon Echo to make it universally compatible with third-party devices. Since, its release in 2015, Echo has undergone several transformations. What really sets Echo apart from other wireless speakers is the voice-activated personal assistance, Alexa. Today, the Amazon Echo can be found in over 3 million homes and for the most part, consumers are very satisfied with their investment.

Amazon Echo Bluetooth Speaker

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ADT Plans To Enhance Their Home Automation Security System, Pulse

Home automation has definitely taken off and to prove this point, many of the top security companies have already entered the industry. Comcast, AT&T, SimpliSafe, and Frontpoint have already expanded into the home automation market, but there is still one name missing from this list. The American security company, ADT has been in business for more than 140 years, starting out as a telegraph company, eventually evolving into one of the top security companies in the world. Apollo Global Management (NYSE:APO) purchased ADT in February 2016 for $6.9 million.


August Smart Lock


ADT currently provides home security monitoring services for global consumers in 35 countries. The company’s home automation security platform, Pulse includes everything from voice control to real-time live stream video mobile access. All of this is made possible through third-party Smart Home devices, wireless communication, and the ADT Pulse Voice app. ADT has already taken steps to integrate with several technology and networking companies, including Nest, Kwikwet, Linear, Jasco, and Netgear, but this is only the beginning.

ADT announced, just this month that they have partnered with Ring, with future plans to join forces with Roost and August. This is not only good news for ADT Pulse subscribers, but it could also open up doors of opportunities for Ring customers. If you have yet to invest in the intuitive Ring doorbell or August Smart Lock, you should consider doing it, today.

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Second-Generation August Apple HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock Review


By now, you have heard of the August Smart Lock, which became a very big hit soon after its release. With so much success behind it, August decides that it is time for an upgrade. The company revealed their plans to develop a second-generation August Smart Lock at the end of 2015. Well, now it has been released and every consumer has the opportunity to invest in this highly innovative device.

august smart lock 2nd gen


The first-generation and second-generation August Smart Lock has many similarities, especially the design. When you get your first glimpse at the second-generation lock, you will immediately notice the similarities. In fact, you can hardly tell the two apart. Most of the features remain the same, as well, but do not let this fool you, because there are a few major alterations that this Smart Lock has undergone.


New Access Feature

The traditional August Smart Lock offers various ways to access your home. From the e-key to the auto unlock access and now the voice automated access option is available. Thanks to the integrated Apple HomeKit Technology, you can command Siri to lock and unlock the door for you. You will also have the option of monitoring the lock 24/7, using your app enabled device.


Installation Process

Unlike the first-generation, which was a little difficult install on your door, the second-generation can be installed within minutes. This is a wireless lock, so you do not need to splice or connect any wires. Just install the 4 AA batteries, pair the device with your existing wireless router, complete the setup, and begin enjoying the comforts of a Smart Lock.



The great benefit that the August offers is its compatibility abilities. Instead of needing to replace your existing deadbolt, remove the interior side of your existing deadbolt and replace it with the August Smart Lock. You will receive 3 additional lock adapters with your purchase, so there should be no issues with the installation process. The August app is available for most iOS devices, plus it is absolutely free to upload to your source device.


Dead Battery!

There are two main concerns that homeowners have, when it comes to investing in a Smart Lock, Internet failure and dead batteries. Of course, the lock will not function, if the batteries are dead, but with the August, you still have alternative access, the mechanical key. Since, you do not need to remove the existing keyway you will still be able to utilize the same mechanical key, as before. This is definitely a great option for those forgetful homeowners. When the batteries reach a low level, you will be notified that it is time to replace them, via your app enabled device.


Notable Specifications

  • Compatible with Amazon Echo, Ecobee3, and other third party devices
  • Easy installation process
  • Multiple access options (voice automated, mechanical key, e-key)
  • Integrated with Bluetooth Technology
  • Battery operated (low battery notification alert)
  • Includes 3 additional lock adapters
  • Installation hardware included in package
  • Activity log makes it easy to track who enters/exits your home
  • Available in dark gray and silver finish


Overall Assessment

The second-generation August Smart Lock is definitely a wonderful addition to the collection. The Apple HomeKit integration is a plus, because it offers a hands-free access option like no other.


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August Introduces Siri-Controlled Smart Lock Upgrade And Much More

The August Home Corporation has just revealed several new Smart Home products and the Siri-Controlled Upgrade, which will revolutionize their Smart Lock. If you own an iPhone, you are surely familiar with the voice-controlled Siri, which can be a very enlightening way to control connected products in your home. This upgrade will allow you to control your preexisting August Smart Lock, through Siri.

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August Reinvents The Doorbell – The August Doorbell Cam

Have you experienced the revolution of the August Smart Lock? Have you enjoyed your futuristic experience thus far? Well, you should buckle your seatbelt and prepare to go on another ride into the future, with the August AB-R1 Doorbell Cam! Fresh off of their success with the smart lock, August isn’t sitting around and celebrating the occasion. Instead, the company is tackling yet another common home device.

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August Smart Lock Reviews: Best Smart Lock 2015

In today electronic crazed world, everyone is looking for convenient ways to operate their exterior home door, appliances, thermometer, and security systems. The Smart feature is becoming more and more popular, as homeowners begin to discover their existence. While there are innumerable Smart Home products available on today’s market, you will be blown away by the Smart Lock August. Read More