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Favorite Smart Home Gadgets Of The Past That Will Carry Over To 2017

Smart Home products have lit up news websites almost every week for the past year. While, this is great for device manufacturers, it gives consumers extra products to ponder on. These gadgets have come a long way in how they function, installation and interact with humans. The reason consumers gravitate toward connected products is because they allow them to remotely control and automate specific items in and around their home.


August Pro Smart Home Access System

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Jasco Joins The Smart Home Industry, With The Introduction Of The Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus LED Smart Bulb

Jasco, a leading provider of consumer lighting controls and security products, has taken the plunge into the Smart Home Industry. This is a great move for the company, since the Smart Home industry is expected to increase by fourfold. According to one report, 600 million Smart-Connect devices will ship annually by 2021, which is a huge increase from the 2015, 50 million.


Jasco Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus LED Smart Bulb

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