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Interconnected Smart Devices May Just Be The Solution To Delivery Package Theft

There is a major issue with delivery package theft. This is definitely worth mentioning, because millions of consumers have already turned to online shopping, with millions more expected to follow in suit. Thieves are working overtime, stealing packages delivered to homes, where family members are absent. According to a recent report by August Home, thieves have victimized around 11 million American homeowners, with losses totaling up to $200 each for each package.


Zmodo Wireless Security System

Zmodo Smart Surveillance System


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Movidius Teams Up With Hikvision To Develop A Smart Security Camera Product Line

Movidius, a technology company that focuses on programmable, ultra-low vision chips has teamed up with Hikvision, a top provider of surveillance cameras. Intel bought Movidius in September of this year and this partnership with Hikvision, will give Intel a strong foothold in the video security/surveillance camera industry. Hikvision will be supplied with Movidius’ innovative Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU) products. The VPU has been utilized in drones for quite some time, aiding in obstacle avoidance.


Hikvision Surveillance Camera

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