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Zigbee Alliance Will Unveil Universal Language DotDot For The Internet Of Things At The CES 2017

Zigbee Alliance will showcase its innovative dotdot, a universal language system for the Internet of Things (IoT) at CES 2017. The company will focus on Zigbee 3.0-enabled products and enhanced development solutions. The dotdot will allow consumers to mesh their Smart gadgets together on any home network. Zigbee will join up with the Thread Group to demonstrate the dotdot products, which will be operating on Thread’s IP-based networks.


Zigbee 3.0 Enabled Products

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The Pare-Care Smart Mattress Is Designed To Reduce Deaths In Elderly

Para-Care, a China-based healthcare company, integrates the Ayla IoT Enterprise Software Platform with its Smart mattress to provide caretakers with an update of the sleeping patient’s physiological condition. According to the company, the Smart mattress is aimed to reduce the number of sudden deaths from coronary disease among the elderly as they sleep. The mattress records and uploads data once per second, providing caregivers with a comprehensive picture of the patient’s physiological state.


Para-Care Smart Mattress For Elderly

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Research Shows Comfort And Safety Is Driving The Smart Home Market

Smart Technologies is integrated into a long list of products, including appliances, scooters, streetlights, automobiles, door locks and ceiling lights. There is no end to the possibilities of this technology, manufacturers are competing to see who will be the next to discover a new innovate network-connected device.


August Pro Smart Home Access System

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