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Move Over Amazon, Because Google’s “Chirp” May Launch Sometime This Year

Amazon’s Echo is a very popular device that has been reviewed by over 36,000 consumers on the retail giant’s website. With a 4.4 star rating, the Echo has definitely blown it out of the water. Well, the Amazon Echo will need to prepare for some competition, because rumor has it, Google plans to create a device that will be very similar to the Echo. The device’s code-name “Chirp” will most likely be designed to complement Google’s maps, search engine, and service oriented applications.

amazon echo

Of course, consumers will need to sit idle to see what Google has in store with this IoT enabled device. Google is definitely hoping to see success with “Chirp”, as Amazon has with the Echo. By the end of this year, consumers may be able to initiate voice-activated searches and connect to and manage their third-party Smart devices, using this highly innovative device. Is this Google’s attempt to tie consumers directly into their services or just an attempt to boost revenue?

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