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Telstra Introduces Its First Smart Home Starter Kit

American and European consumers have access to innumerable Smart Home devices. Australia consumers have not been so lucky, because they are limited access to these products. Well, that is until now. Telstra Corporation Limited, Australia’s most prominent media and telecommunications company, recently introduced its first ever Smart Home starter kit. The company has been in business since 1974, providing Australians with TV shows, movies and sports entertainment.


Telstra Corporation Unveils Smart Home Service

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Interconnected Smart Devices May Just Be The Solution To Delivery Package Theft

There is a major issue with delivery package theft. This is definitely worth mentioning, because millions of consumers have already turned to online shopping, with millions more expected to follow in suit. Thieves are working overtime, stealing packages delivered to homes, where family members are absent. According to a recent report by August Home, thieves have victimized around 11 million American homeowners, with losses totaling up to $200 each for each package.


Zmodo Wireless Security System

Zmodo Smart Surveillance System


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How Smart Security Systems Are Playing A Part In Keeping Homes Safe During A Natural Disaster

Many Americans survive hurricane season, without any issues, but you have those that live in hurricane prone areas. If you reside in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, or North Carolina, you probably grit your teeth every time a hurricane nears the east coast. Many homeowners are forced out of their home during these trying times, leaving their homes and assets vulnerable to burglaries. Did you know that there is a device that can keep you in touch with your home, even when you are fleeing the dangers of a hurricane?


Arlo Pro Security System

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The Music Industry Is Being Revolutionized By Smart Home Technology

Smart-Connect Technology has already taken over the lock, appliance, and automotive industry. This innovative technology provides home and business owners with additional security, energy saving benefits, and complete control from smartphones. With this said, manufacturers in the music industry are catching on to the increased popularity of the IoT and Smart Home Technology. There are several Smart devices on the market that can stream music from smartphones and tablets. These devices may include anything from light fixtures to portable speakers such as the Amazon Echo.


Amazon Smart Speaker Echo

Amazon Echo, With Alexa

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Introducing The First Ever Smart Home Sleep System – Nightingale

White sound machines have been utilized, since their existence, to drown out exterior noises that keep humans awake. While, these devices are very effective, they may just not offer what it takes to help a silent sleeper. If you are feeling hopeless and cannot sleep through the night, because of your partner’s snoring, you may be interested in the Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System. This device is designed around the research conducted by Harvard Medical School researchers.


Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System

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Expanding Your Home Automation System Can Never Be Easier Than With The Lowe’s Iris Smart Hub

Many technology, appliance, lighting, and HVAC companies are taking the dive into the Home Automation market. The main reason for this is because experts believe that Smart Home devices are going to bring in a lot of revenue within the next 5 years. Consumers are now shopping for devices that make their life less complicated, with home security and energy saving benefits. This is exactly what Smart Home devices can provide, but so much more.

Lowe's Iris Home Automation Pack

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Google Preparing To Roll Out Home, A Smart Home Assistant Device

Google gradually enters the Smart Home industry, with plans to take on the Amazon Echo. The Google Home was announced in May and is expected to hit the market on November 4, 2016. Home operates on Google’s new voice assistant, which is also embedded into Google’s first smartphone, “Pixel”. The company hopes the intuitive Assistant will deliver a “two-way conversation”, just like Facebook Messenger’s chat-bots.


Google Home Smart Speaker


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Staples Taking A Step Back From The Home Automation Industry

Staples is a well-known American office supply chain store that launched in 1986. Like many other companies before, Staples decided to take their chances and join others in the home automation industry. Unfortunately, the company was unable to see success with their home automation system Connect, even after many attempts. It was reported just 4 months ago that Staples halted sales for the Connect hub. Just this week Staples officially announced their plans to sell their Connect home automation inventory to Z-Wave.


Staples Connect Home Automation System


While, this news may be disturbing to consumers that invested in Staples’ Smart Home devices, it is time to stop fretting. Zonoff will continue working with Z-Wave to provide support for Connect software. According to Zonoff’s chief marketing officer, Kevin Garton Z-Wave has interest in implementing the Connect platform and expanding its usability.

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Apple Taking Over HomeKit Devices

By now, everyone is familiar with Smart Home Technology, which makes it easier to control your home’s electronics and appliances from anywhere around the world? Well, Apple just unveiled their new app called “Home”. This app will allow users to control all their Home Automated devices via their iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV. The app will also work in conjunction with Siri, which will allow users to control their devices with audible commands.

Along with all of this, Home will also be compatible with Apple Watches, so that users can control all their Smart Home devices right from their wrist. It was just two years ago, when Apple released their HomeKit Technology and now they are innovating the market again with this new app.

The Home app will allow users to group multiple devices together, so they can be controlled simultaneously, by creating custom “scenes”. For instance, you can create a featured scene titled “Good Night” that will switch all of your lights off and close the shades simultaneously. Users will also be able to control their devices individually, by accessing the “Favorite Accessories” located within the app’s interface.

Apple is known for the restrictive measures that they often take, when it comes to allowing Smart Home companies to install the HomeKit chip into their devices, leaving them with no alternative, but to make reengineering alterations to their hardware. As everyone already knows, Google has the Nest and Amazon has Echo, which is currently compatible with multiple third-party devices. Amazon basically bypassed Apple and developed their voice-automated virtual assistant, Alexa.

With Home, users will be able to access the live stream feed from their Smart locks, doorbells, and wireless security cameras right from their iPhone lock screen. This feature will definitely offer a lot of convenience, since there will be no need to access the app’s interface.

As you can imagine this is truly a unique app that will give you complete control over your Smart Home devices. Home is coming to iOS 10 and will not be available until next autumn, so everyone will have to sit and wait to see its true innovation.

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Amazon’s Echo May Have Some Competition With Google’s Home

Last week, Google revealed to the world that they were planning to develop a Smart Home speaker. This device would replicate Amazon’s Echo, potentially making it a huge competitor. Amazon has definitely had great success with the Echo, with over 3 million sales. Google has high expectations for the Home and hopes to surpass these numbers. When comparing the Echo and Home, one can instantly see the major design differences. While, both of these devices have a cylinder design, they look nothing alike.

google home speaker

One of the most notable features of the Goggle Home is the versatile modular case. Google will offer shells of various colors, so consumers can easily customize the device to match their home decor or personality.  The Echo is embedded with a Light Ring that emits a vivid blue colored light, which looks outstanding, when the lights are dim. Well, Google’s Home is embedded with LEDs that will flicker, when the device is turned on.

Unfortunately this is another non-portable Smart speaker, but as you well know, this has not deterred consumers from investing in the Echo. With the Google Home, users will have the option of enhancing the speaker’s ability, by connecting it to other third party Smart speakers. The joined speakers will automatically become voice activated, meaning that you can talk to any one of them and command it to play your favorite tunes on the other speakers.

google home speaker

As of right now, Google Home is limited in third party compatibility options. This is unlike the Echo, which is compatible with Nest, Wink, SmartThings, WeMo, Phillips Hue, Insteon, and Echobee. But, this does not seem to worry Google in the least.

The Google Home will not be released until sometime later this year, so all interested consumers will need to wait to find out what this device can offer.

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