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igloohome Launches A New Addition To Its Smart Lock Lineup – igloohome Smart Deadbolt Lock 02

igloohome, a Singapore-based lock company, unveiled its first Smart product, which was a Smart access solution, which provides short-term rental managers a secure place to store mechanical keys, while offering easy access to their guests. In March 2016, the company launched its first Smart Lock, with Bluetooth capabilities.


Wi-Fi Free Operation

With great success from its door lock and Keybox, igloohome is launching yet another Smart Lock, the igloobolt Smart Deadbolt 02. The deadbolt utilizes a Bluetooth chipset and mobile app to communicate with the authorized phone. Both of the locks utilize a unique operational process that does not require an Internet connection, eliminating hacking risks. To make this possible, the deadbolt works with a technology that is similar to the Internet banking token, involving encryption and synchronization.


Igloohome Igloobolt 02 Smart Lock

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New Smart Lock Solution For Australian, Korean, and Japanese Motel Chains And Short-Term Rental Hosts

Smart Locks have taken the world by storm, especially among consumers that own their own home. These devices have gradually made their way into the commercial world, because they offer convenient, secure, and reliable entry options. Millions of homeowners and small rental properties companies have already joined the Airbnb marketplace, with many more expected to follow. Many of these individuals may not live in the same state, country, or providence as their residential and rental property, but they still want to rent out their properties on a short-term basis.

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The Unveiling Of The Innovative IglooHome Smart Lock

Technology companies around the world are becoming enticed by the Smart Lock Technology. Smart Locks are in high demand, so why shouldn’t these companies take advantage of this opportunity to satisfy the consumer and enhance their revenue? Well, it appears that the Singaporean company, IglooHome is ready to take the keyless access to the next level, with their highly innovative and eye appealing IglooHome Smart Lock.

The company has paired with Airbnb hosts to offer consumers an easier way to access their vacation adobe. Not only will the hosts be able to monitor their client’s comings and goings, but they will be able to create electronic key codes that will allow them to gain access to their room. This can all be done from thousands of miles of way, with very little effort.

IglooHome Singapore Smart Lock

The IglooHome Smart Lock is not yet available in the United States and the company has not yet revealed, whether or not they plan to release to the American consumer anytime soon. Of course, if you reside in Singapore, Australia, or Thailand you will have access to it right now.

Guests and homeowners will have several access options to choose from, including manual PIN code input and auto unlock. You will also have access to a mechanical key for emergency purposes. The key code will only be viable on the check-in day and until the planned departure date.

What makes the IglooHome Smart Lock unique from the competitor brand is the fact that it does not require a Wi-Fi connection to function. In fact, it can be deployed right from your basement, on a mountaintop, or beach without issue. The device is also secured by advanced encryption software, so your personal data will be protected from online hackers.

In order to take advantage of the Airbnb synchronization, you must pay a monthly fee of $9.90, but the subscription can be cancelled within a moment’s notice. This startup project raised $1.25 million, so there is no doubt that it will see success in the Smart Home market.

The new IglooHome Smart Lock will offer a solution to Airnb hosts that do not have direct access to their rental properties. It is available right now for $288 in Singapore, with an additional $57 installation fee. Since the March launch, the company has already sold more than 500 locks, which is a sure sign that there is more to come.

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