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Smart Technology Will Soon Be Incorporated Into The Fracking Industry

Smart Technology acts as a communication gateway from a remote control to a web-like sprawl of products. While, most applications are linked to home surveillance systems, appliances, lighting fixtures, and home accessories, this is changing at a rapid pace. Today, Smart Technology is used in automotive accessories such as trailer hitches, pet products, and navigation systems. Well, thanks to Jeremy Frank, founder of KCF Technologies Inc., this technology will soon be incorporated into the fracking industry.


Smart Technology Sensors

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The Music Industry Is Being Revolutionized By Smart Home Technology

Smart-Connect Technology has already taken over the lock, appliance, and automotive industry. This innovative technology provides home and business owners with additional security, energy saving benefits, and complete control from smartphones. With this said, manufacturers in the music industry are catching on to the increased popularity of the IoT and Smart Home Technology. There are several Smart devices on the market that can stream music from smartphones and tablets. These devices may include anything from light fixtures to portable speakers such as the Amazon Echo.


Amazon Smart Speaker Echo

Amazon Echo, With Alexa

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