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I LOCK IT Smart Bike Lock Review

The I LOCK IT Smart Bike Lock idea was funded through a KICKSTARTER campaign. The bike lock utilizes Bluetooth technology to communicate with the connected device, eliminating the need for a combination code or mechanical key. The I LOCK IT Bike Lock features automatic locking/unlocking, push notifications, access sharing, audible alert, keyless access and click-code unlocking. The auto locking and unlocking features works by measuring the distance the connected device is away from the lock. Once you enter the Bluetooth range, it will automatically unlock and when you exit the range, it will automatically lock.


I Lock It Smart Bike Lock

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Stopping Bicycle Thieves In Their Tracks With The Bisecu Smart Bike Lock

Bolting your bike to a rack just isn’t enough to keep it safe. Of course, you can always throw in a traditional combination bike lock into the equation, but this will only delay the process.

A group of engineers from South Korea think they have the solution and that would be the Bisecu Smart Bike Lock. The lock utilizes a Bluetooth 4.0 chipset to communicate to the connected phone. It features a 100dB audible alarm, accelerometer, waterproof design, military grade encryption, gyroscope and patent-pending locking mechanism. If a thief tampers with the lock, an alert will be transmitted to the connected phone and the audible alarm will be activated. This will alert the owner and the people in close vicinity of the event.


Bisecu Bike Lock

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Kickstarter Campaign Launched Features The BluKey Keyless Entry System

Cypher Home, a Smart Lock upstart, launched a Kickstarter campaign on February 20th to raise money for its innovative BluKey Keyless Entry System. BluKey has a retrofit design, so it will transform any ordinary deadbolt into a Smart Lock, without the need to replace any hardware.


BluKey Bluetooth Keyless Entry System

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Gesture Recognition May Just Overtake Interactive Voice Response In The Smart Home Industry

Smart-Connect devices are very innovative, but the tech giants found a way to make them for interactive, utilizing interactive voice response Technology. Many consumers are drawn to these devices, just because they can control them with voice speech recognition. This is made possible with a smartphone or tablet and software program. Instead of needing to access the user interface to make alterations, users can simply voice a command. This hands-free control option is extraordinary, but it only gets better from here.


Bixi Smart Controller With Gesture Recognition

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A KICKSTARTER Campaign Launched For Yet Another Smart Lock – BOLD

Smart Lock manufacturers continue to see success, with many of them getting their start from crowdfunding projects. Each new lock comes with many similar features and very few differences. However, this makes them no less appealing to consumers. KICKSTARTER has been the starting point for many of these products, with thousands of backers rallying behind these campaigns. BOLD Security Technology has decided to take their Smart Lock project to KICKSTARTER. The campaign is only a few days in and 161 backers have already pledged $37,145.


BOLD Cylinder Smart Lock

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