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Control Your Smart Lock With The Knocki Remote Control

Analysts are predicting the Smart Home market to be worth more than $43 billion by 2022. While millions of consumers have already taken the plunge into the Smart Home world, others are waiting for something spectacular and unique. For those consumers, who have already invested in Smart devices, you may want to consider enhancing your home network with the Knocki Remote Control.


Knocki Remote Control

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Gesture Recognition May Just Overtake Interactive Voice Response In The Smart Home Industry

Smart-Connect devices are very innovative, but the tech giants found a way to make them for interactive, utilizing interactive voice response Technology. Many consumers are drawn to these devices, just because they can control them with voice speech recognition. This is made possible with a smartphone or tablet and software program. Instead of needing to access the user interface to make alterations, users can simply voice a command. This hands-free control option is extraordinary, but it only gets better from here.


Bixi Smart Controller With Gesture Recognition

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