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Kwikset Kevo Convert Transforms Existing Deadbolts Into A Smart Lock

With an unlimited array of Smart Lock brands on the market, one must question which brand is the best. While this is a question that only the experts can answer, consumers can do their own research and form their own decision. But, why invest in a Smart Lock, when you can invest in a device that will convert your existing deadbolt into a Smart interconnected lock?


Kwikset Kevo Convert

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MONI Smart Security Establishes Partnership With August Home

Formerly known as Monitornics, MONI Smart Security established a partnership with August Home, in an effort to expand its commercial and residential customer base. August Home, a leading provider of Smart Locks, has seen much success with its innovative interconnected products. MONI has already partnered with some of the biggest names in the Smart Home industry, including Amazon, Honeywell, Nest and Skybell.


August Pro Smart Home Access System

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August Home Announces August Video Recording For Its August Doorbell Cam

One of the leading providers of interconnected products and services, August Home Inc., is back in the news yet again. This time the company is announcing a new service that intertwines with the August Doorbell Cam. The August Video Recording service is available to August customers, who purchased the Doorbell Cam. The service provides users with the ability to replay and download video event clips of visitor interactions and other alerts.


August Doorbell Cam With Video Recording

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Interconnected Smart Devices May Just Be The Solution To Delivery Package Theft

There is a major issue with delivery package theft. This is definitely worth mentioning, because millions of consumers have already turned to online shopping, with millions more expected to follow in suit. Thieves are working overtime, stealing packages delivered to homes, where family members are absent. According to a recent report by August Home, thieves have victimized around 11 million American homeowners, with losses totaling up to $200 each for each package.


Zmodo Wireless Security System

Zmodo Smart Surveillance System


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An Indiegogo Idea That Will Deter Thieves From Stealing Bikes – SKUNKLOCK

Many states are striving to develop bike track infrastructures to reduce traffic congestion and encourage residents to get healthy. Thousands of Americans bike their way to and from work every day, leaving their bikes vulnerable to theft. In the past 5 years, bike lock companies have worked diligently to develop locks that could ward off thieves. However, many of these locks lacked the construction to prevent this from happening.



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Kwikset’s Patented SmartKey Security Is Making Its Way To The Automotive Industry

Kwikset, a major provider of locks and locksets, joined the Smart Home industry between late 2012 and early 2013. The company released its first Smart lock onto the market on June 19, 2013, followed by the Kwikset Kevo 2nd Generation on August 30, 2016. Kwikset’s Smart locks are very unique in that they are embedded with a patented SmartKey Security feature that protects against forced, undetectable entries. This feature not only enhances the lock’s functionality, but also gives homeowners peace of mind in knowing that their home is secure, while they are in or away.


Kwikset Kevo 2nd Gen Smart Lock

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A New Innovative Smart Lock That Will Protect TVs, Décor, And Electronics Sitting In Cabinets During An Earthquake

An earthquake can leave a devastating effect on home and business owners’ property, even with magnitudes lower than 4.0. The foreshocks and aftershocks activity can also cause ground shaking days prior to and after the earthquake. According to seismologists, there is a fault line that runs for 700 miles off the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Cascadia subduction zone begins near Cape Mendocino, California and ends near Vancouver Island, Canada. Oregon and Washington are also located along the fault line. This is not to even mention the momentous San Andreas Fault that has been the main focus of seismologists around the world.

For individuals that live on the San Andreas Fault Line, it is best to be prepared for the worst. Open Mind Innovations, a technology company, may just have developed a solution to keep your expensive electronics and décor safe during seismic events. The Smart Lock System attaches directly to a door, drawer or cabinet, securing all the items inside. The lock is embedded with a motion sensor that when triggered, will activate its cabinet locks.


Z-Wave Alliance Smart Lock System

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New Smart Lock Solution For Australian, Korean, and Japanese Motel Chains And Short-Term Rental Hosts

Smart Locks have taken the world by storm, especially among consumers that own their own home. These devices have gradually made their way into the commercial world, because they offer convenient, secure, and reliable entry options. Millions of homeowners and small rental properties companies have already joined the Airbnb marketplace, with many more expected to follow. Many of these individuals may not live in the same state, country, or providence as their residential and rental property, but they still want to rent out their properties on a short-term basis.

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Sony Corporation Presents The Qrio Smart Lock U.S. Version

When the first Smart Lock hit the market, it took the world my storm. Today, millions of homes are protected by Smart Locks, with embedded motion-sensor HD cameras. These devices are extraordinary, because they provide homeowners, rental agencies, motel management, and business owners with convenient access to their establishments. Many Smart Lock brands got their start on crowdfunding websites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, while others sprung up from established lock companies.


Qrio Smart Lock U.S. Version

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The August Smart Lock May Just Find Itself Competing With The Aspiring Gate Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock revealed to the world that there were more convenient ways to access your home than with the use of a mechanical key. The lock was released on the market October 14, 2014, with an updated version following a year later. The August lock can now be found in thousands of homes throughout the United States, but it may not be prepared to take on the much-anticipated Gate Smart Lock. This Smart lock is embedded with various components that will enhance its functionality:

  • Two-way speaker system
  • Motion-activated 720p camera
  • LED-lit touch keypad
  • Call button
  • Onboard rechargeable battery pack (4-month run time)
  • Keyway for manual entry

Gate Smart Lock


Gate Labs is the brain behind the Gate Smart Lock, comprised of two former Google engineers. Ehsan Saeedi CEO of Gate Labs hopes the lock will be the access solution that many homeowners have been waiting for, especially for those that spend a lot of time traveling and away from home. Instead of being forced to hand over a mechanical key to the dog walker or plumber, you will be able to provide them with a temporary e-key code or remote access.

Once the Gate app is downloaded to the iOS or android device, homeowners will be able to lock/unlock their front door from anywhere around the world. The “Call Button” will allow unexpected visitors to contact the homeowner and the two-way speaker system will allow the two to communicate. The homeowners will have the option of providing the visitor with a temporary e-code, which can be input into the keypad for instant access.

The tiny 720p camera will provide homeowners will visibility of the area in front of their home. Also, a live-stream video is available, just by accessing the app interface. When the motion sensor is activated, an alert will automatically be transmitted to the app-enabled device. Users will also be alerted when the battery reaches the minimum power level, but just in case you forgot to recharge and the battery is completely dead, the mechanical key will act as the emergency backup.

If you are interested in the Gate Smart Lock, be sure to head over the Indiegogo website. As of today, the campaign has raised $79,289 from 317 backers. You can support this innovative idea also by contributing a small donation or snagging an Early Bird Special, reducing the retail price by as much as 40%.

If you are looking for a good alternative, be sure to check out the Kwikset Smart lock at Amazon today.

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