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Xfinity Enters The Race For Smart Home Devices

Apple and Google have been in the market for smart home devices, but it seems that Comcast has recently thrown their hat into the rink. Comcast will be working with Xfinity Home designing hardware and software that will allow customers to control their smart home devices by utilizing one single mobile application and password. As of current many of these devices required separate log-ins and applications. As you can imagine it is quite the hassle to have to login for access to each separate device.

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What Is Smart Lock – A Look At The Future

If you’ve come this far, you’re likely looking for a way to secure your home and keep out intruders. In the days gone by, locks have transformed dramatically. Keyed locks transitioned to deadbolts and eventually to smart locks. These revolutionary locks are more convenient to the homeowner, their family members, friends and even their staff. So, what is a smart lock? You will discover the truth below!

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Yale Company Goes Digital With Smart Locks

The Yale Company has been in business for over one hundred and fifty years. Over the years, they’ve helped to push the home security market forward by leaps and bounds. They’ve gone from simple keyed locks to deadbolts and now, the company is advancing towards smart locks. The company just recently unveiled three new products, which can secure your home in a digitalized manner. They include a keypad smart lock, a view screen and a Bluetooth smart lock.

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