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Are Millennial Tenants Willing To Pay Higher Rent Just To Have Access To Smart Technologies?

American consumers are investing billions of dollars in Smart connected products. If you are familiar with these products, you understand the reasoning behind this, but if you aren’t you have a lot to learn. Smart Home devices offer an array of benefits, including convenience, energy efficiency and a higher level of home security. Most millennial are tech savvy, because they spend 10 to 12 hours a day on their PC, smartphone, video gaming system, laptop or iPad. They also can barely stand being away their electronic devices for more than 10 minutes.



Schlage Connect Smart Lock

Schlage Connect Smart Lock

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The Smart Solution To Lost Keys And Poor Security On College Campuses

Security is a huge factor on college campuses and to make things worse, employees in charge of locking and unlocking rooms are always losing their keys. Lost mechanical keys raise security concerns in universities, because you never know whose hands they will fall in. From the most prominent university to the small vocational and technical school, it is of huge importance to safeguard the installed expensive electronic and office equipment.


RFID Smart Locks

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How Smart Security Systems Are Playing A Part In Keeping Homes Safe During A Natural Disaster

Many Americans survive hurricane season, without any issues, but you have those that live in hurricane prone areas. If you reside in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, or North Carolina, you probably grit your teeth every time a hurricane nears the east coast. Many homeowners are forced out of their home during these trying times, leaving their homes and assets vulnerable to burglaries. Did you know that there is a device that can keep you in touch with your home, even when you are fleeing the dangers of a hurricane?


Arlo Pro Security System

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Smart Lock Technology And Smart Home Market Looks To Soar

There is truly no doubt that the smart home market has grown immensely. New companies, such as Xfinity and even Frontier Communications, have jumped on the smart home bandwagon and now offer these services to their current customers. Despite these progressive improvements, smart locks and smart homes are still considered by many to be a novel or a non-necessity. In the coming years, this could all change. Below, you’ll learn about the future of the smart lock market.

smart lock technology

Number 1 Reason For Purchase

A recent survey by Business Insider concluded that 63% of smart home buyers make their purchases, due to a desire of increased security. The survey spoke with 1,300 individuals and 18% of those questioned revealed they intended to purchase a smart home product in the next year. Aside from security reasons, other top reasons for making the investment were property loss protection, energy management and indoor convenience.

Surprisingly 75% of respondents were not smart home owners yet! 47% of those that fit into this category admitted their homes were already save, so they felt no need for smart products. What would convince these individuals to make the investment?

  • 46% said a break-in within their neighborhood
  • 26% said moving into a new residence
  • 14% said a home renovation

So, the mass majority of investors do so for security reasons.

The Future Of Smart Locks

With the smart home market set to bounce higher and higher, it is almost certain smart locks will follow in suit. The two do go hand-in-hand obviously. According to the report, 30 million households will add some type of smart home technology within the next 12 months. The mass majority will likely do so, because of security concerns. In all likelihood, this will enhance two key smart products, the connected camera and the smart lock.

Future Market Insights has just announced their Assessment of the Smart Locks Market. The group remains adamant that the growing popularity of smart technology and further smartphone penetration will help to drive the growth of the smart locks market globally. Another factor, which will undoubtedly play a role, will be the slowly decreasing costs of mobile broadband and the rapid growth of Cloud infrastructure.

According to Future Market Insights, startups and current smart lock manufacturers will need to focus extensively on security. They admit headline and publicity risk is immense within the early market. Although North America is currently the leading buyer of smart locks, the technology is expected to expand to the Asia-Pacific region is coming years. This will enhance these company’s revenue and the general popularity of smart locks enormously.


All in all, smart lock technology is here and it is here to stay. With 30 million new individuals becoming smart home product buyers and with the potential of spreading to other regions, the market is prime for the taking. With the current leaders, such as August, Schlage, UniKey Technologies, and Yale, be able to maintain at the top?

Or will another startup enter into the fold and surprise with something innovative? Only time will tell, but consumers will most likely benefit immensely from the increased competition.

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Scyan X7-SN Keyless, Fingerprint Interior Door Lock Review

If you have been waiting on an affordable fingerprint lock with all the extra features, you should definitely consider the Scyan X7-SN. This lock offers various access options including fingerprint, key code, keypad, touch sensor, and mechanical key. This is a great option for large families, because it will offer an access option for everyone living in the home.

Scyan lock review

Easy Installation and Setup

The Scyan X-7 fits interior doors with a thickness ranging from 1-3/8″ to 2-3/8″ and left or right handed, thanks to the reversible lever. The installation process is very easy and can be completed in a matter of 20-30 minutes. The setup process can be completed right from the touch keypad, this actually where you program in the key codes and configure individual fingerprints for your family, friends, and public service providers. Before accessing the system, you will need to create an administrator fingerprint or programming code, but this is a simple step to accomplish.

Data Storage

The homeowner can create and store up to 100 fingerprints and PIN codes into the system. A Schlage C key is also included in the package and acts as an override key for those just-in-case events. Fingerprints and codes can be deleted, if they are no longer needed or for security purposes.

Battery Powered

This is a battery powered door lock that requires 4 AA batteries and a 9V for additional backup power. A low battery alert will be initiated, when the battery power reaches a minimum level.

Heavy Duty Construction

You will have a variety of finishes to select from including satin chrome, aged bronze, and satin nickel, so you will surely find a style that will easily coordinate with your existing door hardware. This lock is designed for interior purposes only and capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -4-150 degrees Fahrenheit.

The fingerprint reader is very easy to program, but it is important to stick with thumbprints only, because that is what it is designed for.


  • Offers 5 different access options (optical fingerprint sensor)
  • Battery powered (receive alert, when battery power reaches the minimum level)
  • Easy installation and setup process
  • Stores up to 100 fingerprints and key codes
  • Door thickness range 1 3/8″-2 3/8″
  • Environmental temperature -4-150 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Available in satin nickel, satin chrome, and aged bronze finishes
  • Very user friendly
  • Touch activation sensor
  • Built-in memory technology, so stored data is not lost, when battery power is depleted
  • 1-Year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Fingerprint sensor hits and misses, so be sure to program each user a key code, as well for backup purposes

Overall Assessment

The Scyan X7-SN is a very high-quality interior door lock that offers reliability, durability, and longevity. It is important to note that the fingerprint sensor will not work for everyone. You may want to avoid using hand lotion on your thumb, because it can interfere with the sensor’s sensitivity capabilities. Overall, you will beat this lock, because it will offer a high level of security inside of your home.

Be sure to check out the Sycan X7-SN Lock at Amazon right now!

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Yale Security YRD240-NR-0BP Real Living Electronic Keyless Touch Screen Review

Many homeowners are switching to the keyless designed deadbolt, because they are tired of dealing with misplaced mechanical keys. Of course, security also plays a huge factor in selecting a home entrance door lock, which is why many homeowners are turning to the Yale Security touch screen deadbolt.

yale security deadbolt

Below, you will learn more about the Yale Security YRD240-NR-0BP!

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Kwikset Belleview Single Cylinder Handle Set with Cove Knob and Deadbolt Review

If you are replacing your home entrance door, you may want to upgrade the hardware, as well. With so many new deadbolts, knobs, and handles being released daily, you will definitely find a design that suits your home décor better than that old traditional style. Many homeowners are equipping their entrance/exit doors with the best deadbolt locks, because they want to heighten the security level around their home.

kwikset single cylinder deadbolt

Below, you will learn more about this Kwikset Deadbolt!

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Kwikset 991 Juno Entry Knob and Single Cylinder Deadbolt

As a homeowner, security will be one of the most important concerns that you will ever have, which is why you need to equip your doors with the best deadbolt. Kwikset 991 is designed to offer a high security level like no other. The Juno is part of Kwikset’s Signature Series that is equipped with the SmartKey Re-Key Technology.

best deadbolt 2015

Below, you will learn more about this unique lock.

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LockState LS-DB500R-SN Electronic Deadbolt Review

LockState might not be a company that a lot of consumers are familiar with, but this will all change in the near future. The company, which specializes in locks, safes and lockboxes, is quickly gaining popularity, thanks to their innovative products. This is especially true, when it comes to their LS-DB500R-SN Electronic Deadbolt. If you’re looking for a deadbolt, which offers a unique entry method, this might be the best electronic deadbolt for you.

front door locks

The deadbolt is moderately affordable and offers many excellent features. These will be explored in more depth below.

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Schlage Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt Review

Are you looking for an extensively durable and entirely secure deadbolt? If so, you should definitely take the time to explore the Schlage Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt. This specific lock is a little more expensive than some of the alternatives, but it comes with added benefits and features, which aren’t present with others. It is available in an assortment of color schemes, including satin nickel, satin chrome, matte black and several others. This guarantees that the lock will match your home’s design to perfection.

best electronic deadbolt

The lock offers added security measures, which will provide you with an enormous amount of peace of mind and reassurance. More features will be explored below.

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