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The HomeKit-Enabled Kwikset Premis Smart Lock Review

Karl Rhinehart and Adolf Schoepe founded Kwikset, a leading provider of door locks and locksets, in 1946. Having much success with the traditional door lock, the company finally decided to join the Smart Lock industry. Today, Kwikset has an extensive Smart Lock product line, with models that support an array of third-party network-connected products and devices.


Kwikset Premis Smart Lock

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Are Millennial Tenants Willing To Pay Higher Rent Just To Have Access To Smart Technologies?

American consumers are investing billions of dollars in Smart connected products. If you are familiar with these products, you understand the reasoning behind this, but if you aren’t you have a lot to learn. Smart Home devices offer an array of benefits, including convenience, energy efficiency and a higher level of home security. Most millennial are tech savvy, because they spend 10 to 12 hours a day on their PC, smartphone, video gaming system, laptop or iPad. They also can barely stand being away their electronic devices for more than 10 minutes.



Schlage Connect Smart Lock

Schlage Connect Smart Lock

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Why Insurers Are Willing To Offer Customers Discounts With A Smart Home

Homeowner insurance is on the rise, along with housing prices throughout the United States. Insurance providers classify customers based on their location, home characteristics, credit score, and previous claims. Swimming pools, trampolines, and high-value items are also factored in to determine the actual monthly premium. With this being said, homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce their monthly rates.


Schlage Connect Smart Lock

Schlage Connect Smart Lock

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Home Automation Market Expected To Grow Rapidly

The home automation market is already widely popular and bringing in around 32.11 billion dollars a year. However, studies and research are estimating that by 2022 the market will be bringing in 78.27 billion dollars a year. There are a lot of factors that will contribute to the growth of the market. For instance, as time goes on the technology and parts that are used to design these home automation systems will decrease, which in return will decrease the manufacturing costs drastically. Basically, when it is all said and done, the products will be potentially marketed at a much more reasonable rate. This is going to only attract more and more customers.

schlage home automation

It is also the convenience that these systems offer that attracts people to them. For instance, the wireless communications technology that allows customers to control electronic devices from anywhere in the world is really exciting to the consumer. Not to mention all the devices that can be controlled by voice-automated commands.

It was reported that North America held the largest share of the home automation market in 2015. Europe and Pacific Asia fell next in the line. The newest home automation systems are equipped with very unique software. For instance, the software not only shows users how much energy their electrical devices are consuming, but it also offers a solution to minimize the amount of energy that is consumed in homes. These features give customer complete control over the devices in their home and this is what is really driving these products to the top of the market.

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Schlage Unveils The New Schlage Control Smart Interconnected Door Locks

The genius behind the Schlage Connect Smart door lock is yet again unveiling a new innovative way to control the access of your home. With the release of the new Schlage Control interconnected Smart lock consumers will have more security, convenience, and an extended battery life. Although, the lock can be utilized for domestic purposes, it is geared more toward multi-family dwellings such as apartment complexes. The Schlage Control is capable of increasing property management operations, while eliminating the headache and expense, associated with managing mechanical keys.

schlage control smart door lock

The lock can prove to be very advantageous for property management. Not only can the device improve aesthetics of the property, but it can increase the property value, as well. Up to 500 wireless devices can simultaneously be connected to 1 lock. Property managers will also be able to access and view up to 1,000 audit trial reports, while giving them the ability to monitor tenant access activity.

For enhanced security, the lock is completely cylinder-free. Therefore, it cannot be picked or bumped. The battery life is 2-years, when utilized in an offline mode. Requires 4 AA batteries, as a power source and utilizes a 9 volt for emergency purposes only. The sleeker and more compact keyfob, which relies on MFAIR Smart Technology, delivers added security and convenience to all users.

With the Cloud-based app, manager and landlords will be able to access stored data 24/7. The Schlage Control Smart lock takes on an entirely different appearance than the traditional Connect. In fact, it is more modern and appears to be something out of the future, plus they will be available in various finishes, so consumers do not need to replace any of their existing door hardware.

The durability rating of these locks is out of this world and to prove this statement to consumers, the lock was put through extensive tests and audits. This was to ensure consumers that the lock would be able to endure a physical attack from a burglar. The Schlage Control is BHMA Grade 2 certified, which should give homes enhanced security and homeowners peace of mind.

The Schlage Control and keyfob will be available and shipping sometime in May, 2016.

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A Comprehensive Schlage Connect Reverse Century Smart Lock Review

Schlage Connect is the true lock appropriate for the connected age and certainly lives to its name. It has advanced features and is not any mere lock. It offers the highest residential security of the ANSI Grade. It features durable resistive touchscreen featuring matte finish that protects against smudges and fingerprints. Above all it has motorized strong bold that locks and unlocks automatically on entering the user code. It has anti-pick shield to stay protected even against lock tampering. Schlage connect features built in alarm technology that easily senses door movement and alerts the homeowners with audible alert.

schlage reversible century review

Schlage connect is the name for safety, regardless of whether you are looking for the safety of your car or smartphone. This is an advanced technology making life easier. This technology is the one that helps you keep with everything and meet challenges. Schlage connect elevates your level of thinking with regards to the door locks. Schlage Connect presents a combination of best security features in just one lock. It can be considered to redefine the term secure.


Shclage connect offers the facility of going keyless. It has a modern touchscreen that is sleek and looks beautiful. You need not stuff your pockets with keys or worry about forgetting or carrying it. The touchscreen is finger print resistant that the numbers cannot be detected by intruders to make use of it later. Thus, Schlage connect offers you the much expected advanced remote management capabilities and also the compatibility with the home monitoring systems that allows you run your home, wherever you are.


Best Features

  • Security: Schlage Connect is certified Grade 1 for residence. It is built using high quality materials and the deadbolt offers keyless use ensuring high level of security at the entry point. Schlage connect has alarm sensor that is audible and is in-built alerting activity at the door. There are alert modes such as activity, forced entry or tamper and these alerts right from the first contact until the door is opened.
  • Run Your Home wherever you are: The Z-wave technology keeps the Connect. This Z-Wave allows you to run the monitor from home or even from the place you go. You need not worry about the front door unlocking to turning lights, as Z-wave allows you do everything remotely using a smartphone or a computer. Z-wave is powerful to manage or support everything, lighting, locks and thermostats to almost every small appliance.
  • Always Alert service: There is no problem if your children forget or lose the key. Each member in the family can have a 4-digit code. Even for the temporary guests program a code so that they stay. Z-wave technology controls locks remotely and monitors your home. Thus the need to carry keys is resolved.


Pros: Built-in alarm, 30 user codes to set up, great for properties, fingerprint resistant touchscreen

Cons: Hard to see screen in sunlight, the motor is loud, buying an automation hub becomes essential.



Schlage connect reduces the headache of replacing locks. Merely the touchscreen installed on the property ensures added convenience. Yet, buyers can have their own choices and preferences.


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Schlage B60N ADD 622 Addison Single Cylinder Deadbolt Review

Providing security for your home and family is always a top priority for everyone, which is why it is necessary to take the steps to install deadbolts on your entrance/exit doors. Of course, you will find an unlimited array of deadbolts to select from, but you will need one that provides a high level of security. The Schlage B60N has been stamped with the ANSI/BHMA Grade I rating, which just happens to the highest residential security level.

single cylinder deadbolt schlage

The Schlage Addison collections also include the matching door knob and handle set, which are sold separately.

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Schlage Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt Review

Are you looking for an extensively durable and entirely secure deadbolt? If so, you should definitely take the time to explore the Schlage Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt. This specific lock is a little more expensive than some of the alternatives, but it comes with added benefits and features, which aren’t present with others. It is available in an assortment of color schemes, including satin nickel, satin chrome, matte black and several others. This guarantees that the lock will match your home’s design to perfection.

best electronic deadbolt

The lock offers added security measures, which will provide you with an enormous amount of peace of mind and reassurance. More features will be explored below.

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Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt Review

Over the years, the Schlage Lock Company has managed to claim one of the top spots in the market. Their company is responsible for some of the most innovative and secure locks on the market. Their BE365VCAM619 Keypad Deadbolt most certainly fits this category perfectly. The deadbolt is affordable, stylish and very safe.

Schlage Keypad Deadbolt

If you’re worried about enhancing your home’s exterior and interior design, you cannot lose weight this deadbolt. It is available in an assortment of styles, including satin nickel, aged bronze, antique brass and a few others. Each will match your home’s design scheme excellently and will not create an eyesore, which is often common with other locks.

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Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Review: The Best 2015 Smart Lock

schlage smart lock

The Schlage brand has truly undone itself with this high tech Smart Lock. It is designed to provide convenience and security for your home. The Sense is compatible with the Apple HomeKit, which allows you the option of using Siri to unlock your door.

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