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I LOCK IT Smart Bike Lock Review

The I LOCK IT Smart Bike Lock idea was funded through a KICKSTARTER campaign. The bike lock utilizes Bluetooth technology to communicate with the connected device, eliminating the need for a combination code or mechanical key. The I LOCK IT Bike Lock features automatic locking/unlocking, push notifications, access sharing, audible alert, keyless access and click-code unlocking. The auto locking and unlocking features works by measuring the distance the connected device is away from the lock. Once you enter the Bluetooth range, it will automatically unlock and when you exit the range, it will automatically lock.


I Lock It Smart Bike Lock

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The Next Time You Ride Your Bike To School Secure It With The Ellipse Smart Bike Lock

Lattis, a Smart-city startup, unveiled its new Smart Lock at CES 2017. The lock is designed to protect consumers from bike theft, with Smart Technology and a Bluetooth chipset.

Automobile manufacturers are incorporating Smart Technology into their vehicles’ security, safety and access systems. Today, a Smart vehicle can warn the driver of dangerous obstacles and suspicious tampering activities. Until now, bikes were left out of the loop.


Lattis Smart Bike Lock

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