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Sony Finally Joins The Smart Home Market

Sony, a leading provider of gaming, electronics and entertainment products, announced at CES 2017, it would join the Smart Home market. Sony’s Xperia line of Smart products includes an earpiece, projector and robot.

Sony Xperia Ear

Like Amazon’s Alexa that resides into the Echo, the Sony Xperia Ear is a virtual personal assistant, but it is portable, so users can take it with them everywhere. The personal assistant resides inside the functional earpiece and will perform various tasks per request. She will recite text messages, deliver commands to your existing Smart Home gadgets and run web searches. The Xperia Ear can be controlled with voice commands with precision.


Sony Xperia Smart Projector

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Sony Corporation Presents The Qrio Smart Lock U.S. Version

When the first Smart Lock hit the market, it took the world my storm. Today, millions of homes are protected by Smart Locks, with embedded motion-sensor HD cameras. These devices are extraordinary, because they provide homeowners, rental agencies, motel management, and business owners with convenient access to their establishments. Many Smart Lock brands got their start on crowdfunding websites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, while others sprung up from established lock companies.


Qrio Smart Lock U.S. Version

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