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Amazon’s Echo May Have Some Competition With Google’s Home

Last week, Google revealed to the world that they were planning to develop a Smart Home speaker. This device would replicate Amazon’s Echo, potentially making it a huge competitor. Amazon has definitely had great success with the Echo, with over 3 million sales. Google has high expectations for the Home and hopes to surpass these numbers. When comparing the Echo and Home, one can instantly see the major design differences. While, both of these devices have a cylinder design, they look nothing alike.

google home speaker

One of the most notable features of the Goggle Home is the versatile modular case. Google will offer shells of various colors, so consumers can easily customize the device to match their home decor or personality.  The Echo is embedded with a Light Ring that emits a vivid blue colored light, which looks outstanding, when the lights are dim. Well, Google’s Home is embedded with LEDs that will flicker, when the device is turned on.

Unfortunately this is another non-portable Smart speaker, but as you well know, this has not deterred consumers from investing in the Echo. With the Google Home, users will have the option of enhancing the speaker’s ability, by connecting it to other third party Smart speakers. The joined speakers will automatically become voice activated, meaning that you can talk to any one of them and command it to play your favorite tunes on the other speakers.

google home speaker

As of right now, Google Home is limited in third party compatibility options. This is unlike the Echo, which is compatible with Nest, Wink, SmartThings, WeMo, Phillips Hue, Insteon, and Echobee. But, this does not seem to worry Google in the least.

The Google Home will not be released until sometime later this year, so all interested consumers will need to wait to find out what this device can offer.

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