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A New Innovative Smart Lock That Will Protect TVs, Décor, And Electronics Sitting In Cabinets During An Earthquake

An earthquake can leave a devastating effect on home and business owners’ property, even with magnitudes lower than 4.0. The foreshocks and aftershocks activity can also cause ground shaking days prior to and after the earthquake. According to seismologists, there is a fault line that runs for 700 miles off the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Cascadia subduction zone begins near Cape Mendocino, California and ends near Vancouver Island, Canada. Oregon and Washington are also located along the fault line. This is not to even mention the momentous San Andreas Fault that has been the main focus of seismologists around the world.

For individuals that live on the San Andreas Fault Line, it is best to be prepared for the worst. Open Mind Innovations, a technology company, may just have developed a solution to keep your expensive electronics and décor safe during seismic events. The Smart Lock System attaches directly to a door, drawer or cabinet, securing all the items inside. The lock is embedded with a motion sensor that when triggered, will activate its cabinet locks.


Z-Wave Alliance Smart Lock System

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Staples Taking A Step Back From The Home Automation Industry

Staples is a well-known American office supply chain store that launched in 1986. Like many other companies before, Staples decided to take their chances and join others in the home automation industry. Unfortunately, the company was unable to see success with their home automation system Connect, even after many attempts. It was reported just 4 months ago that Staples halted sales for the Connect hub. Just this week Staples officially announced their plans to sell their Connect home automation inventory to Z-Wave.


Staples Connect Home Automation System


While, this news may be disturbing to consumers that invested in Staples’ Smart Home devices, it is time to stop fretting. Zonoff will continue working with Z-Wave to provide support for Connect software. According to Zonoff’s chief marketing officer, Kevin Garton Z-Wave has interest in implementing the Connect platform and expanding its usability.

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