The Answer: Are Smart Locks Secure

Several different companies are developing smart locks, but many consumers are still wondering just about their security rating. Each brand that is in the market of developing safe Smart Locks is using the same 128-bit AES encryption. These are the same security protocols used in online banking and the same encryption is also used by many government agencies. While this encryption is not used to encrypt top-secret information (192-256 AES encryption), it is good enough for secret-level classified information.

are smart locks secure

Of course, just like anything, this encryption could be vulnerable to a hacker with a high skill set, but when you think about it someone with a skill set like this would not waste their time trying to hack into your home door locks. It is safe to say that they would set their sights a little higher.

Improved Technology

When it comes to Smart Locks, the real security issue stands on how each user or digital key is being authenticated. You probably already know that with the old Bluetooth technology there was a requirement for two devices to send signals to each other. Just like in the case of the phone and the wireless speaker. With that being said Bluetooth SMART was built on a different basis. Basically, it scatters the encryption, as it is being sent, which will prevent hackers

Each company designing smart locks has implemented this new technology into their locks. When it comes down to it smart locks should be pretty secure.

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