The Future Role Of The Smart Lock In Property Management

IDC is predicting the Internet of Things to be worth $1.7 trillion by 2020, while Gartner projects a jump up to 13.5 Billion by the same year. The supply and demand for Smart gadgets is gradually increasing every day, top-speed highly capable Wi-Fi will be primary focus of the next 4 years.


Smart Technology

Smart technology is being integrated into every gadget that developers and tech manufacturers can get their hands on. Smart building owners are becoming more and more reliant on intelligent predictive analytics. This technology is capable of detecting glitches in internal systems and notifying the owner of the issue, before they become a major issue.


Brinks Array Smart Lock

Retailers around the world are taking advantage of Smart technology, utilizing it to enhance customer experience. The built-in services may include anything from in-app paying systems to customized shopping guides.


Building Manager And Tenant Relationship

A Smart environment would definitely enable a building manager to maintain a direct relationship with each individual client. The Smart Lock is only one example of how landlords, short and long-term property owners and building managers can enhance the tenant or guest experience. With the Smart Lock, guests would be able to skip the front desk and head directly to their room. This is possible, with the unique electronic code that is transmitted to the guest’s smartphone prior to their arrival date. On the departure date, the electronic code will expire, without the guest needing to return the room key back to the front desk.

The Smart Lock will also enable the property owner to manage and monitor access from afar.


Severe Weather Alerts

Several building managers are incorporating severe weather alerts into their security systems. This system would prove to be a valuable asset in hurricane-prone states such as Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Louisiana and South Carolina, along with geographic locations prone to blizzards.


Direct Assess To Historical Data 

The Smart Lock’s companion app will provide property managers and owners with direct access to historical data. This data could contain anything from how many times the guest or tenant accessed the room, to the number of times an unauthorized person tried to gain access to the room.


Direct Contact With Guests 

If the Smart Lock has a camera and two-way communication system, guests will be able to contact the property owner directly from the lock. These features would definitely come in handy, if the guest forgets the unique electronic code and when guests find themselves in a compromising position.

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