The Latch Smart Lock Is Designed To Help Consumers Transition From Traditional Locks To Modern Technology

Many consumers think of the Smart Lock as a remote access option. While, this is a fact, every Smart Lock is designed in a way that makes it unique. There is an unlimited array of residential Smart Locks available on the market, but very few commercial-grade models. The Latch Smart Lock was designed for commercial purposes, but it can be utilized for any type of establishment. The lock’s ancient design is very unique, setting it apart from other brands.


Latch Smart Lock


Latch offers multiple access options, including mechanical key, manual key code, and smartphone app. Business owners can utilize email or SMS to transmit a 7-digit temporary passcode to the deliveryman, cleaning contractor, electrician, or new employee. The recipient will input the passcode into the circular keypad and gain instant access to the facility. You can also view visitor access history, by accessing the Latch app interface. The touchscreen lens is embedded with a tiny camera that captures images of every visitor. Gain quick and easy access to a remote view, using your smartphone or tablet.

Latch is constructed out of cast metal materials to ensure longevity. The premium-quality mortise lockset is designed to endure the test of time and prevent lock bumping. This is one of the most common techniques that burglars utilize to gain entrance into residential and commercial establishments. The durable lever handle will offer a stress-free operation.

Consumers will have three finishes to select from, including gold, black, and silver. If you are interested in the Latch Smart Lock, you can visit the company’s original website to inquire about future updates. Release date is pending, but in the meantime, be sure to check out our top Smart Lock picks.

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