The Level Of Security Provided By The Smart Lock May Determine Its Ability To Survive

Millions of consumers have already taken the plunge to invest in Smart Locks, while others are hesitant to make such a bold move. Many consumers are more at peace with their existing deadbolt, because it provides the necessities to keep their home secure and family safe. With the recent reporting about hackers remotely unlocking Smart Locks, it is no wonder why there is still such a high level of hesitation. Of course, this could actually apply to all connected devices, since they utilize an Android or iOS device as their main command center.


Kwikset Kevo Convert

Smartphones are now being utilized for nearly every online transaction, including credit card payments, instant messaging, staying in touch with social media, placing orders, web browsing and picture sharing. When users are completing an online transaction, they rarely consider the risks of a potential hack.

Unlike the traditional deadbolt, which utilizes a simple, unique mechanical key, Smart Locks welcome smartphone access, complicating the situation. This is why analysts are predicting slow market growth, even more so for interconnected locks utilized for domestic purposes.

Doors and locks have a long history together, because both items work together to secure the home and keep burglars out. Today, there is extensive competition on the market, including Kwikset, Schlage, August and Yale. This is not to even mention the startups that are looking for new ways to improve their products.

With an extra layer of security enabled by digital authentication, Smart Locks are more secure, but they are still vulnerable to hacks. To make things worse, they also relay on power for operation and data connectivity for software updates.

Dedicated burglars are not going to give up trying to break-in a home, just because it is secure with a durable lock. Instead, the look for other access options, such as a street-level window, weak door or basement window. So, when it comes to the security differences between physical and digital locks, it is just the way things are.

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