The Music Industry Is Being Revolutionized By Smart Home Technology

Smart-Connect Technology has already taken over the lock, appliance, and automotive industry. This innovative technology provides home and business owners with additional security, energy saving benefits, and complete control from smartphones. With this said, manufacturers in the music industry are catching on to the increased popularity of the IoT and Smart Home Technology. There are several Smart devices on the market that can stream music from smartphones and tablets. These devices may include anything from light fixtures to portable speakers such as the Amazon Echo.


Amazon Smart Speaker Echo

Amazon Echo, With Alexa

Smart Technology provides users with more flexibility, since they are not tied to a laptop or PC. Instead, everything is controlled through a mobile app, downloaded on an Android or iOS device. Once again, this technology is going to revolutionize yet another industry, this type it will be the music industry. In the past, people were forced to plug their earphones directly into their mobile devices to listen to their favorite tunes. This connection not only limited flexibility, but there were also many issues revolving around ill-fitting earbuds.

Amazon and Google are two tech giants that began to delve into this technology early on. Luckily for Amazon, the innovative Echo was a hit, selling over 3 million units, since it was released on the market on November 6, 2014. Google just released their Home Smart Speaker Friday, November 4, 2016, with hopes of it being as successful as the Echo.

Believe it or not, Home Automation hardware and mobile apps are capable of building an entire home sound system, which will stream music to every room in the home. This system would require wireless speakers and a hub, but the complete package would be much more affordable than a home theater system. The Google Home and Amazon Echo are also embedded with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Technology, allowing users to interact with Smart devices utilizing speech recognition.

Smart-Connect Technology will provide music lovers with a more flexible and personal experience. Musicians can also benefit from this major paradigm shift, as these Smart devices push music out and into the ears of new listeners. Everyone within the music industry and music lovers will definitely benefit from this innovative technology, while providing an abundance of opportunities for all involved.

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