The Next Time You Ride Your Bike To School Secure It With The Ellipse Smart Bike Lock

Lattis, a Smart-city startup, unveiled its new Smart Lock at CES 2017. The lock is designed to protect consumers from bike theft, with Smart Technology and a Bluetooth chipset.

Automobile manufacturers are incorporating Smart Technology into their vehicles’ security, safety and access systems. Today, a Smart vehicle can warn the driver of dangerous obstacles and suspicious tampering activities. Until now, bikes were left out of the loop.


Lattis Smart Bike Lock


Lattis has plans to create its own bike share platform, which will simplify how cities can save money, when building and maintaining bike fleets.

“With the debut of Ellipse and the Lattis Bike Share Platform, the company enters the bike industry with the goal of transforming how bicyclists use and share bikes,” said Jack Al-Kahwati, founder and CEO of Lattis. “Ellipse’s security and sharing capabilities have given us the flexibility to create a platform with an entirely customizable commercial bike share experience for both operators and bike share members.”

What sets the Ellipse Smart Bike Lock apart from other brands is its embedded high tech accelerometer. The accelerometer will alert chosen family members and friends, in the event that you are involved in an accident. This feature will prove to be valuable, when riders are injured during a crash and cannot respond or notify emergency responders.

Owners will also be notified via their smartphone, if someone tries to break into the lock. The Smart Lock will also detect its actual location, so it can be located with ease.

To eliminate dead batteries, Lattis embedded a small solar panel into the lock. One hour of sunlight will provide the lock with enough power to last for an entire week. For those that reside in less sunny areas, the built-in micro USB port can be utilized to recharge the battery.

The lock’s military-grade construction includes a dual-locking mechanism, which will secure both sides. According to the company, their lock is one of the strongest bike locks on the market. For more information about the Ellipse Smart Bike Lock, be sure to visit the company’s official website.