The Pare-Care Smart Mattress Is Designed To Reduce Deaths In Elderly

Para-Care, a China-based healthcare company, integrates the Ayla IoT Enterprise Software Platform with its Smart mattress to provide caretakers with an update of the sleeping patient’s physiological condition. According to the company, the Smart mattress is aimed to reduce the number of sudden deaths from coronary disease among the elderly as they sleep. The mattress records and uploads data once per second, providing caregivers with a comprehensive picture of the patient’s physiological state.


Para-Care Smart Mattress For Elderly


The Smart mattress features respiratory and heartbeat monitoring, along with monitoring the number of times the patient gets out of bed and makes a body position change. The data generated is analyzed, so if abnormalities are detected, an alert will be transmitted to the caretaker’s smartphone of tablet. The patient’s skin will not need to be in direct contact with the mattress to conduct the physiological monitoring. The Para-Care Smart Mattress also works with blankets, pajamas, gauzes and other materials. Patients with disabilities, back injuries and pressure sores can take advantage of the mattress.

The built-in SD card is capable of storing up to three days worth of data, in the event there is an interference or disconnection from the network. Para-Care is scheduled to showcase the Smart mattress at the upcoming CES 2017.

  • CES 2017 – January 5-8 at the Sands Hotel, Halls A-D, Booth #41160

“The Ayla IoT platform gave us the comprehensive, end-to-end IoT solution we needed to incorporate intelligent control from the mattress itself to the cloud, and to deliver a reliable, secure connected product,” said Tim Chen, founder of Para-Care. “With the help of Ayla’s IoT technology, Para-Care is able to provide stable and continuous monitoring data on elderly patients, especially in situations where round-the-clock care is difficult to achieve.”

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