The Smart Solution To Lost Keys And Poor Security On College Campuses

Security is a huge factor on college campuses and to make things worse, employees in charge of locking and unlocking rooms are always losing their keys. Lost mechanical keys raise security concerns in universities, because you never know whose hands they will fall in. From the most prominent university to the small vocational and technical school, it is of huge importance to safeguard the installed expensive electronic and office equipment.


RFID Smart Locks

According to the latest statistics, 9 percent of American universities have already upgraded from mechanical keys to Smart cards. These plastic cards are similar to credit cards, in that they are embedded with a small microprocessor and memory. Dating back to 1968 and 1969, when Jurgen Dethloff and Helmut Grottrup filed joint patents for the chip card. The card has undergone various transformations over the years and is now utilized in the banking, short-term rental, automotive, and Smart Lock industry.

The management of mechanical keys has always been an issue for large corporations, universities, and the hospitality industry. Northwestern University just recently switched to the Smart card, which is now being utilized in four of their residence halls. For the universities that have already taken the plunge in Smart Technology, there have been some significant improvements in efficiency and security.

Each microprocessor chip is unique and paired to a specific entity, so they cannot be utilized elsewhere. Unlike, the magnetic strip card, the Smart card is protected against counterfeiting. When combining the Smart card with the Smart Lock, there is no end to the possibilities. These two devices work simultaneously to monitor visitor identity and access times.

In 2012, the Miami University of Ohio upgraded to Smart card, replacing over 5,000 interior and exterior door locks. CBORD, an industry leader in cashless card systems and campus, is responsible for monitoring some of these systems. The company monitors for multiple uses in a row, which may potentially indicate a stolen chip card. As soon as the discrepancy is noted, the card is deactivated. Smart Locks also initiate alerts, when the door remains open for a specific period of time.

The Smart Lock and RFID Chip Card system provides a security solution for hospitals, banks, universities, and hospitality companies. If everyone gets on board, there will be no doubt that the nation can be a safer place for everyone.

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