Thinfilm Will Demonstrate Smart Medical Devices And Smart Beer Bottles At CES 2017

Thinfilm- an Oslo-based printed electronics company, will demonstrate a variety of connected products, featuring near-field communication (NFC) tags at CES 2017. The event is scheduled to begin January 5 thru 8 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thinfilm’s EVP Business Development & General Manager, NFC Solutions and Smart Sensor Products, Erwarn Le Roy, will deliver a presentation on the important role Thinfilm’s NFC mobile marketing solutions plays in expanding the Internet of things.


YpsoMate Smart Autoinjector Pen, With NFC Technology

The company’s innovative NFC tags integrate with cloud-based software, providing a direct connection between two electronic devices, eliminating intermediaries such as Amazon, Google and Facebook.

“CES promises its usual bevy of Internet of Things innovations, but in reality the industry has only just scratched the surface,” said Thinfilm CEO, Davor Sutija. “To realize the full promise of IoT, we need to extend its traditional boundaries to include the hundreds of billions of everyday, disposable items that exist in the world. Thinfilm intends to play a key role in making those things smart – not only by providing an alternative to traditional silicon, but by producing affordable NFC chips in ultra-high volumes through roll-based processing.”

During the demonstration, Thinfilm will display how NFC, a set of communication protocols, allows consumers to interact with craft beer bottles. Consumers will be able to obtain pairing recommendations and brewmaster videos directly from the brewery, with just a simple tap of their smartphone. The first craft beer marketplace to integrate OpenSense NFC tags into a variety of craft beer brands is Hopsy. The craft beers are produced locally, but the NFC solution experience will be spread throughout the country.

Thinfilm collaborated with Ypsomed to integrate NFC Technology into an autoinjector pen. The YpsoMate Smart autoinjector pen can improve the patient’s self-injection experience.