Tilden Hotel Establishes Partnership With OpenKey To Enhance Guest Experience

Tilden Hotel, nestled in the Tenderloin district in San Francisco, has partnered with OpenKey, a company that provides keyless access solutions to hospitality groups. Tilden Hotel is owned and operated by the Point Hospitality Group, which has a reputation for providing guests with exemplary service in a relaxed and sophisticated environment.

Tilden Hotel Partners With OpenKey

The OpenKey technology will elevate Tilden guests’ experience, by offering them virtual key access. Most guests find the mechanical key or keycard fairly customary, but soon this will be a thing of the past. Hospitality groups throughout the nation have updated their guest access system, by tossing out the traditional access method and replacing it with the innovative mobile access entry. This system will allow guests to skip the front desk and go directly to their room.

For travelers, this small transformation could make a huge impact on their experience. It is not unusual for people to take a weekend vacation, just to escape their busy lifestyle. This may also mean that the individual wants to avoid face-to-face interactions with others. Guests will only need to download the Openkey app to their iOS or Android device to retrieve their digital room keys.

During the Depression Era, the Tilden Hotel served the working class San Franciscans. Today, it serves people from all walks of life.

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