Unium Launches Software To Extend Wi-Fi Signals In Home Settings

Unium, a Seattle-based company that specializes in developing wireless networking technology, unveiled today its new software solution that will improve Wi-Fi performance in home settings. Homes are filled with complexities that typically interfere with Wi-Fi signals, forcing homeowners to invest in additional hardware. Unium Software not only extends the signal range, but also deploys and optimizes it, while ensuring a faster and reliable network.



Dead spots are very common in large homes, while interference and slow spots can occur in any home, without a moment’s notice. CEO of Unium, John Stachowiak, said the company has a decade of experience working with the U.S. Department of Defense to solve wireless and security problems. He also went on to say that people deserve better Wi-Fi.

Unium solves issues linked to dead zones and slow spots, combining a variety of techniques with its software. Altering the position of the Wi-Fi router, creating a secure mesh network and steering devices to their optimal path back to the Internet are all part of the company’s strategy to weed out slow spots and dead zones.

Unium Software is compatible with the same standards that have been utilized to make wireless Internet, since its creation. The company operates across a variety of processors, operating systems and chipsets to improve the entire home wireless network. The software was designed to use minimal RAM and CPU, utilizing low-power applications.

“Software is the future of Wi-Fi,” says Martha Bejar, who joined the Unium Board onDecember 16th. “I’ve been in the networking and telecommunications industry for more than two decades and saw it transform both industries. Unium will revolutionize the home network as well.”