Vivint Smart Home Establishes Partnership With Vivint Solar To Provide Consumers With A More Comprehensive Smart Home Experience

Vivint Smart Home, a leading provider of Smart Home services, announces a partnership with Vivint Solar, a leading provider of solar solutions in residential settings. Under the partnership, consumers will have the ability to manage the generation and consumption of energy in their home.


Vivint Go Control Panel

A study led by Research Now showed that consumers prefer bundling Smart Home Technology with a residential solar energy system. According to the study, half of the consumers that were interested in a rooftop solar array were also interested in investing in network-connected systems and products.

By the end of 2017, Vivint Solar customers will be able to receive an integrated Vivint Smart Home energy management system. The system is comprised of a Vivint Element Thermostat, home sensors and Vinvint SkyControl Panel, at no additional cost.

“Before long, every home will be intelligent, and we believe solar energy is a key component of the smart home experience,” said Alex Dunn, president of Vivint Smart Home. “When Vivint entered the solar business in 2011, our ultimate goal was to bring together the benefits of smart home technology and solar power. We’re excited to begin making this vision a reality.”


Optimizing Energy Usage With Intelligence

Vivint’s virtual assistant, Sky, is the brain behind the Vivint Smart Home, allowing customers to intelligently management their energy production and consumption. Sky relies on sensors that are located throughout the home to automatically adjust the ambient temperature, based on the occupants’ specific preferences and activities.

This ability will empower the homeowner with the essentials to build a net-zero home, which is capable of producing enough energy to suffice the amount of energy consumed.


Energy Saving Benefits

According to the company, Vivint Smart Home can help customers reduce energy usage. For example, the Smart thermostat is capable reducing cooling and heating costs by 10 to 15 percent. When combining the reduced energy usage with the energy, produced by the solar array, customers could typically save on average 10 to 30 percent on current energy costs. A solar energy system can increase the value of a home by 15,000.


Manage Everything With A Single App

With the Vivint Smart Home app, Vivint Smart Home and Vivint Solar customers will be able to see the precise amount of energy used and the amount of solar energy produced in a single view.

Customers can utilize this technology to upgrade to a full-scale Smart Home system, with Smart Locks, cameras, lighting fixtures and appliances. To learn more, please feel free to visit

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