Waze Update Adds Support For Google’s Smart Lock Security Feature

Now that Waze supports Google’s Smart Lock security features, users of the navigation and directions app, will have the ability to obtain the information much quicker. This is mainly due to the fact, that users will be able to skip the login details and open the app instantly.


Waze App Update Is Now Available


When utilizing the Smart Lock feature, the authorized smartphone can be unlocked without the need for a protected password, fingerprint or PIN. Instead, trusted places, trusted face, on-body detection, trusted voice and trusted devices are utilized.

The Smart Lock support will come in handy for forgetful app users that have difficulty keeping track of their login details. However, Smart Lock will not affect users that are already logged into Waze. It will only be beneficial to those that are switching to a new smartphone or flashing a new custom ROM to their existing smartphone, since these actions require utilizing your Google account to log back into the device. Any time you can skip the login process, the better the experience will be.

The Smart Lock security feature will simplify the way users sign into Waze. The user’s settings and points will also be saved, so they will be accessible immediately after logging in.

The update also fixed minor and major bugs, so users will have a better experience altogether, when utilizing the Waze app. Users will also be able to “see their online friends and any messages in their inbox from the new placement of those features in the Waze navigation list.”

The new update is expected to available some time today at the Play Store.