What Homeowners Need To Know Before Investing In A Smart Lock

Smart Locks make the perfect replacement for a contemporary deadbolt. If you decide to join the Smart Lock world, you will be able to manage your entrance doors from anywhere. For instance, you will be able to check the lock’s status and lock the door remotely from the companion app.

However, upgrading a door lock is not as simple as replacing a conventional light bulb. The installation process will require a bit more time and hands-on, plus the lock has to be paired with the existing Internet router. Most consumers have concerns about the cost of a new Smart Lock, which will vary depending on the features, connectivity standards, brand, functionality and design.


August Smart Lock Mortise Kit


Full Door Inspection

The great benefit of contemporary deadbolts is they do not require perfect door alignment to work properly. Since, the thumb turn and mechanical keyhole has to be manipulated manually to lock or unlock the door. For instance, if the bolt does not turn, you can simply push in on the door and it will turn smoothly. Well, this is not the case with the Smart Lock, because everything is automated. So, if the bolt doesn’t turn smoothly, the operational process will be altered and the lock will not engage, leaving the door insecure.

The bolt must all extend all the way into the doorjamb. If it doesn’t, then you will need to make the necessary adjustments or hire a handyman to it. If you aren’t willing to make these alterations, then save your money, because the Smart Lock will not otherwise work.


Smart Lock With Its Own Deadbolt

If you are looking to replace the existing deadbolt, you may want to consider a Smart lock with its deadbolt. The Schlage Sense is just one example of this type of lock, which has been praised by consumers worldwide. Now, if you are interested in keeping the existing deadbolt, but want to add some “Smartness”, you may want to consider a Smart Lock, with motorized attachments that clamp onto the existing deadbolt. One example of this type of lock is the August Smart Lock.


Gaining Access

The next thing to consider is how you want to access your home. Do you want the lock to respond to voice? If so, you will need to invest in a Smart Lock with voice control capabilities, such as the August Smart Lock or Kwikset Premis Smart Lock.

If you want a lock that offers touch-to-open capabilities, you will need to invest in the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock. Pair the Kevo with your smartphone and you will be able to unlock the lock with a simple touch.


Connection Options

Most Smart Lock integrates with a specific number of third-party devices and platforms. For instance, Shlage Sense and August Smart Lock works with Apple HomeKit, while the Kwikset Kevo syncs up with Skybell and Ring Smart doorbells.

The Z-Wave-enabled Yale Assure Smart Lock syncs up with Wink, Piper and SmartThings hubs.


The Price Of Convenience

Remember, when you invest in a Smart Lock you are paying for convenience. Unfortunately, Smart Locks cannot stand up to dumb deadbolts, when it comes to protecting your home from burglaries. However, you can add a Smart Home camera, surveillance system, smart lighting and motion-sensing video doorbell, if you are adamant about buying a Smart Lock for convenience, but still want to maintain a high level of security in and around your home.

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